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    Default One month too long?

    We are planning our second trip for November. Last year we did 2 weeks at CTI. This year I wanted to stay 9 nights at CTI and 5 nights at CN so we could get a feel for Negril. My husband just suggested doing 2 weeks at each resort. While a month in paradise sounds wonderful I am wondering if it would be too long. We don't have kids and he just retired so there is nothing really stopping us from staying this long. Anyone done a month or close to it? I just don't want to get bored, but I am thinking if we do a split it will feel like 2 separate vacations.

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    Wow.... I would love to be down there for a month if I was able. I would suggest a definite split if you are going for that long. 2 weeks at CTI and 2 weeks at CN.

    But if you are going to be gone for a month, why not do all 4? One week at each location. :-D That sounds heavenly to me!
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
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    Well the longest we have ever stayed was for two weeks at any of the couples resorts, so I am not sure if I am really qualified to answer the month long question. However, we have been to both resorts that you mentioned CTI and CN more than a few times . If given an opportunity to do a split between them 2 weeks at each, I would jump on it!!! We have split our vacation for the last two years between CN and CSA and it really is like having two seperate vacations. The fact that CTI and CN is about 3 hours distance from each other is something that holds us back from doing a split between them, but if I could spend two weeks at each resort I would definitely do a split !! You have plenty of time to burn at both resorts and the packing unpacking issue is not nearly so bad if you are doing it twice over a month long period. If it were me,I would throw some time into CSA as well, because I love that resort too, but thats just all my personal favorites.Both resorts CTI and CN are amazing and you are beyond lucky!! I'd definitely do it, no question about it!!!!

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    Sounds absolutely wonderful to me! If I could afford it I'd do it! Have fun!
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    If I could have a month in Paradise, I would surely jump at the opportunity!! I am jealous of your options Go and enjoy two weeks at each and what an awesome hubby to make such a great suggestion.

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    If only we could do a month. We stayed 2 weeks at CSA and still didn't want to come home. It was wonderful not having to worry about missing anything cause we could just do it next week. A split stay with two weeks at each sounds wonderful, you could even do one week at each Couples.

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    Don't stay a month, because I WILL BE JEALOUS!!!!!!! That would be awesome! You have to do that!

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    Er, no! Seem like heaven to me. Do it.

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    We did 1 week at CSS and 2 weeks at CSA in February and it was wonderful. We gymmed 3 or 4 times a week to keep the indulgence a bit under control and the change of scene kept the whole holiday feeling fresh.

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    4 resorts+ 4weeks= a fabulous vacation!

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    I say if you can afford it do it! We are going to CSA/Jamaica in September for our first time and I'm sure if we could stay for a whole month we would.
    Erin & Patrick

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    If you don't take him up on it I WILL!!!

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    If you don't want to go for a month - I'll go with him ..... LOL!!!! Would have to run that by my hubby first & doubt he'd appreciate going to work while I'm in paradise .... LOL. I could spend a month at CN EASY without being bored .... Never had the chance (not enough money or time & can't leave my cat baby for that long) but that is our dream to do it someday. When we go in December, we've met another couple that does 3 weeks each December & I know they're never really ready to go home.

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    I think it depends on your personalities. To me it sounds like heaven, but to other people it would be way too long.
    I can always amuse myself so I never get bored.

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    I wish I had your problems. Hee Hee

    I'd do a split stay if I was only going for two weeks. With a month, you could do the "Jamaican Grand Slam" and spend a week at each Couples Resort in Jamaica and only have one air fare.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    go for it!! The most I have been able to talk my hubby into has been 15 nights. I would have loved to have had 2 more weeks....or months.....hehehehehehe.

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    For me, I could easily but my hubby could not. I don't understand?? :confu
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    I'd love to do that. We've done 19 nights, our longest trip to date and all those nights were at CN. We did a split between CN(12 nts) and CTI (9 nts) once. It was great because it felt like two vacations! But, we prefer CN and want to spend all of our time there. The next trip we book, DH suggested 3 weeks. I don't get bored, because we scuba dive. We do both dives every day and a couple paid night dives too. The rest of the time above water is spent on the beach or in the restaurants. Hubby likes to participate in some of the entertainment teams' activities when he wants to be more involved. Because of all the sun and diving we are early to bed - early to rise type of folk. I'd love to do another split trip but just can't fathom any time away from CN. For us - it's the best of the best!

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    Split and probably some excursions will be needed just to break it up.

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    I think it sounds like a really cool idea. You would have the opportunity to explore each side of the island while still having time to enjoy each of the resorts. I'd do it if I could, but I have fur children who would not make it a month without me.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    DEFINITELY do the 1 month stint! And if you split between the 2 sides of the island, it truly WILL be like two very different vacations (with the common denominator of outstanding Couples service)! You're living the dream - ENJOY!!

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I had a feeling that the split would make it feel new since there will be a whole new area to explore. We have not decided yet but will soon since the rates are changing. We are also just considering breaking up the year with 2 visits. I thought about doing a 3 way split between CTI/CN/CSA but think we will just visit CSA on the trading places. We did visit CSS last year and we both decided we would not do a trip there. It was beautiful, just not for us. The steps were just too much of an issue for my husband. He has had several back surgeries and has some mobility issues. CTI was perfect for that reason.

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    So jealous! I would absolutely do that if we could afford it. I would probably do all 4 resorts, with 8-9 nights at CSS and CN and 5-6 at CTI and CSA. Wow, that's fun to dream about, but will probably never happen. C'mon, lottery!

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    You are one lucky lady! Yes, I would do 2 weeks each at CN and CTI. You will love Negril. It's very different from Ochi. We are all so envious. Enjoy!

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    Do the two visits, that sounds even better.

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