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    Default Cn is just awesome!

    We just got back from a long weekend at CN. It's our second visit and definitely not our last. We fortunately. get to travel often but no place relaxes us more than CN. We don't visit CN to meet new friends, but with nice people like the ones there (especially at AN Beach), we always do. We go to CN just be together so we spend quiet days reading on the AN beach, get dressed up for romantic dinners and just be WITH each other without any specific schedule or pressures.

    The great thing about CN is the flexibility to spend your days the way that you want to. Some love to get crazy with new and old friends at the pool bar or hot tub, and some just want alone time. Some want to dress up for Otahete, or go casual to the buffet. Some seek the quiet spots, some seek the noise and the action. It's all there and it's all great.

    The AN beach is just gorgeous and the few creepy gawkers and "border trolls" became more of a source of amusement to US rather than an annoyance. The people are nice and as friendly as they need to or want to be. It's just a cool, relaxing vibe that we have never found anywhere else.

    Can't wait until next March. We'll be back!

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    Very well said. Couples really does allow everyone the capability to spend their vacations however they want. Even though CN is not a large resort, you still feel like you are in your own world there.

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