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    Default transportation from CSS to CSA

    I was needing help and knew this was the best place for information. I have stayed at CN and then CSA in the past. I was wanting to go to CSS for three nights and then CSA for 5. What is the best way to get from CSS to CSA? I don't want to spend all day traveling but would really like to experience CSS.

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    charter flight. We are going to do a CSS/CSA split in a few days, going to just use the transfer Couples provides and look at it as though its a tour of the island. It isn't all day just 3 hours or so.

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    Why would it be 3 hours?

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    Have done CN to CSS and it takes about 3 hours. Well worth the trip, allows you to see more of the island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caribbeanlove View Post
    Why would it be 3 hours?

    It's three hours because CSS is in Ocho Rios and CSA is in Negril. It takes about 1 hour, 45 minutes to get to Ocho Rios from the airport in Montego Bay. Going the other way from the airport, it takes 1 hour 30 minutes (approximately) to get to Negril Add them up and you've got a trip that will take approximately 3 hours.

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    We split between CSS and CN last year, transfer was 3 hours or so, we left early in the morning (after breakfast of course) and were at CN for lunch! As compensation to ourselves we used TimAir the day we left and flew from Negril to MoBay, an awesome experience.

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    We've done the trip fom CSS to CN a couple times. No big deal.

    Unless you're rich, you'll find the cost of flying from Ocho to Negril to be way out of reason. It costs more than our flight from Halifax to Jamaica.

    Just let them know at the front desk and they'll take care of the transfer. No problem.

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    Splurge, it's only $824.00 to use Tim Air from Ocho Rios to Negril or vice versa. The entire flight only takes 30 min, your bathing suit won't even dry out by the time your there. Love being on the beach to much to give up three hours for travel.
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    WOW.. I knew the cost of the flight from Ocho Rios to Negril went up but had no idea it was that crazy! We took the flight once for a split between CTI and CSA and only paid $160 total for the two of us! Granted it was over 5 years ago... but still... wow! NO WAY would I spend that amount, but I guess if $$ isn't an issue...
    We also paid around $100 for private transfers for a split trip between CSS and CSA . Last 2 splits we used the free transfer that Couples provided. Left early and was on the beach at CSA by 10:30 ! Best deal

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    824.00, thats outrageous!

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    We just did the transfer from CSS to CSA yesterday. Left around 11 am was at CSA little before 2.

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