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    Default Weather on Tower Island

    Does anyone know what the wind is like on the island this time of year? We were there a year ago February and the wind made our visit uncomfortable.


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    It's been rather windy since we got here on Tuesday (YAY!) but it's also been warm enough that we were quite comfortable.

    Today is the first non-green flag we've seen in our two trips (yellow flag) but the Isle is open for business!

    Just watched the boat take two loads of people over to the Isle, and we will be going out later after the massage class at the spa!

    Jason & Kathy

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    We have been 4 times. August, October, April and July. Always been breezy to windy. most of the time we were glad it was. Would have been uncomfortable without it.

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    At the beginning of July, I would not say the wind is "uncomfortable". For us, we like to sit on the deck by the ocean on the pool end. The wind will at times cause the waves crashing against the island to spray us lightly with a cooling mist

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    Thank you all. You have been very helpful.


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