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    Default My nervous guy went-twice!!


    Recently returned from our first trip to CTI and I wanted to go to the island as part of our experience. My now dear husband was very nervous, but knew that I had my mind made up. When we got over, he took a deep breath, stripped down, and slipped into the pool bar area quickly. After a shot and a drink, he relaxed a bit more. That would be my #1 recommendation if you're nervous-it's just like skinny dipping at first.

    We had a fair amount of family there for our trip. If you think you feel awkward on the island, be comforted by the idea that your dad didn't wave at you while you were there. Yeah, that happened.

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    Hi jswarren, glad to hear your hubby tried the AN experience, did he enjoy it? If I'm interpreting your comment about your dad correctly, that's to bad! Was he on the island also? Oh well hope overall you enjoy your vacation!!! Stteve...

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    Yep, my dad and stepmom were on the island when we got over there.

    He did enjoy it, especially for sunbathing purposes, but I think just to hang out-he liked the pool bar on the texture side a bit more. : )

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    Good for him for going! You've got more guts than I do to stay when your dad and stepmom were there also, that would be a bit too awkward for me!
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