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Thread: aloe in rooms?

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    Default aloe in rooms?

    Two years ago at CSA we were told by housekeeping that they will no longer provide the small bottles of aloe in the rooms. Can anyone tell me if it is still provided? 86 more days!!!

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    When we were there in January, there was no longer aloe in the room. However, they had aloe for sale in the gift shop. It wasn't that much money (maybe $8 for a big bottle that lasted us the 10 days that we were there). And it smelled divine!

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    I know that CTI, they are no longer provided. They have dispensers on the walls for lotion, shampoo and soap.

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    We were there last August and it was not provided, neither is it provided at CN or CSS, we did a split stay there in April.

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    They do not. We ended up buying an aloe lotion in the gift shop.

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    NO MON - I do miss it as well

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