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    Unfortunately I got a diagnosis that has me on a very low fat diet.I know that it says on the site that you can contact the chefs ahead of time..just wondering if anyone had done this.Will they cook to order..obviously buffets will be really hard.If anyone has had this experience please let me know how it went.

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    I can't speak for all resorts, but at CTI, the buffet has stations where you can have something cooked to order. Additionally, there are SOOOO many choices that you shouldn't have a problem with your diet requirements. There are a lot of fruit and vegetable options. I can't eat a lot of fat or sugar and I had no problem at all with the food anywhere at CTI.
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    I am gluten intolerant and stayed at CTI. I usually eat grain/dairy/sugar free on a daily basis. They cooked to order for me several times. We renewed our vows there. They even made us a gluten free chocolate cake for the ceremony.


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    Red Stripe has no fat...rum, too. Enjoy!

    (sorry for the levity will have plenty of options for low fat foods)

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    just got back from CSA, we found out prior to going that my wife was pregnant and everyone at all of the restaurants did what they could to accomodate her needs. the only issue we had was at the repeaters dinner because everything was prepared ahead of time and we waited until we arrived to say something. coincidentally, we also met the wife of Mr. Issa and her sister there, and they also told us the chef's would do anything necessary to accomodate my wife.

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    Thanks everyone..I know the fruits are amazing and I will probably do some juices too...the cook to order at buffet station sounds like a great idea as well

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