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Thread: Where are you?

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    Default Where are you?

    My husband and I are from Ohio, and getting ready to head down to CN in 2 days. We were just wondering where everyone else who loves Couples as much as us are from.

    Nathan and Veronica

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    mountains of western nc - you are flying today so have a wonderful time! We were there 3 weeks ago and I am looking forward to the next trip.

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    We're from Indianapolis area. so, not too far away!

    Can't wait for July!

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    Dave & Julie from a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

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    Jim ans Sara, Woodbury ,Mn , no trip planned

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    DFW Airport.

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    Ken and Laura from eastern Iowa. Can't wait for December at CN

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    Chis and Natalie,50 miles south of Indianapolis Indiana!!! We CAN'T WAIT until Barbados in September!!!

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    Louisville, KY.... going to CN this Nov (Thanksgiving week). Just went to CSS in March.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    John and Nancy from Rochester, NY 112 days till trip #4 (CSA) and 476 days till trip #5 (CSA) and will try to fit a trip to CSS somewhere in between!!! Everything is irie mon

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    Cait and Ash from the VA suburbs of DC!

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    We are in Yuma,AZ and have 2 long days till we return to Jamaica. First stop CSS for the first time then on to CSA for the 4th time.

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    Duane & Mary, from Lebanon, PA., Dave & Julie, I have a daughter and cousin who live in Kansas City, Mo.

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    We will also ne in CN 6/1-6/8. We are from South Louisiana.

    Nathan and Brittany

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    We live Rochester, MN (I'm from right outside Minneapolis, MN though). We're 1st timers & we'll traveling to Barbados in December. Can't wait!

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    San Diego, CA

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    Even though my name says Colorado, I was uprooted from there a couple years ago and now call Phoenix "home", but Colorado is where my heart is. My body just happens to reside in Phoenix.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Michael & Judy Arizona. 32 more days. Ya mon!!

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    We are from Long Island, NY, going 8/9 to 8/16 to CSS

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    Bob and Missy from Michigan - but born and raised in Ohio. Shall I say it? Goooo Buckeyes. Our first trip to CSA will be in December to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

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    Jim and Laura from NC ~ looking forward to our first trip to CN and Jamaica in just 2 weeks!

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada. Have been to CSA, CTI, CSS. Next trip in Dec. - CB

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    Van and Marie, Moore, OK. aka Tornado's Playground!

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    Richie & Sylvia Medford, Mass. About 10-15 miles North of Boston. Going back November 14 for trip # 36 to CTI.


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    Judy and Mickey, Germantown (Memphis Suburb), TN. 2 More Days to CN.........Yea Mon!!! Bummed to see rain in the forecast June 3-5. Hoping that is just the sporadic showers. Massages booked. Bodies beach ready......well as beach ready as they can get!!! One huge gripe. Wanted to get a sedan to pick us up at the airport. Called front desk, didn't know what a sedan was. Handed off, told to call Couples main line. Called main got it, didn't know what a sedan was. Finally told to email someone. Decided to call back in to CN and ask for Manager. Got Onique!! FINALLY, someone that had a clue. Took my info, called back shortly with a price, and now we are booked. A BIG THANK YOU TO ONIQUE!

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