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    Default First Timers to CSA in June 21-28

    This will be our first time at CSA and couldnt be more excited to get there. We have had this trip planned since December and have been counting down the days till we get there! Keeps making us more and more excited. Since this will be our first time there we are going with a group of about 6 of us so we are all brand new, however me and my significate other are both 21 so I having a feeling we may be the youngest there?! We were just looking to see what kind of suggestions on what we should do or not do? We are staying in the Garden Verandah so if anyone has anything they would like to add about that room! Thanks in advance and looking forward to the feedback!

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    There are all ages at CSA. Since the minimum age is 18, you will be among the youngest there. But you will meet lots of new friends of all ages. Be sure to take advantage of all of the complimentary inclusions that would cost you a fortune if you weren't staying at an AI. Snorkeling, scuba, kayaks, sports complex, tennis lessons, etc., all of these are worth trying.

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    We are so excited to be going to CSA! I have been before to Montego Bay back in 2010 but heard Negril is so much nicer! I cant wait for the arrival and all the fun I have been reading out at CSA!

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    We stayed in a second floor, garden verandah suite back in April. It was fine for us. We were in building #10 which is closer to patois. We loved the balcony that we had. When we go back I would stay in the same room type. We weren't in our room enough to justify the other views thy offered. If you plan on doing meals together each time make your reservations for lemongrass and feathers as soon as you arrive to make sure you can get in. If you have any other questions just let me know.

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    Age is only a number at Couples. Everyone there is there to have a good time.

    DO NOT MISS the catamaran! It was the highlight of our trip! Don't be afraid of the slide (into the ocean); it's a blast.

    Our first time, I had a list of things I wanted to do/try, but in the end we just did whatever we felt like, which usually involved lounging on the beach or, uh... hanging out in our room.

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    Thank yall very much for all the tips and advice! Catamaran is def on the to do for sure! Probably more than once! Keep them coming if you think of anything else!

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