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    Default Beach Party or Feathers at CSA?

    My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary at CSA on Saturday, September 7th. I've read that the beach party in on Saturday and I think that sounds like a lot of fun but I had wanted to make reservations for Feathers for our anniversary. Do you think it would be feasible to do both? Any recommendation on which would be better? I'm kind of leaning toward to beach party because we will be able to make reservations at Feathers for another night but the party is only once. And now I'm thinking I read somewhere that Saturday was the night that the resort has lobster on the menu, is that correct?

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    I think doing both would be tough and you could not enjoy the food at both unless you have an endless appetite.

    Cannot speak about lobster as we could not care less about it. And we personally skip the beach party, which is actually on Friday night at CSA. We either book Feathers if available or head to the cliffs for dinner that evening.

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    The beach party at CSA is on Friday night, so you are all set. Saturday is lobster night - a great night to dine at Feathers. Just make sure to make your reservation three days in advance for Feathers.

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    Follow up question- we're arriving on a Saturday to CSA. Will we still be able to get decent lobster somewhere? I'm guessing we won't be able to make any same-night reservations...

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    both, eat at Feathers on your big day, the beach party is on Fridays

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    I make reservations for Feathers on beach party night, but maybe you will enjoy the beach party. One of these years I will make it to the beach party. All the restaurants serve lobster on lobster night. You may dine at Palms or Patois without a reservation. Personally I would go with Patois.
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    Thanks! I'm glad the beach party is on Friday - that's going to work out great. We arrive at CSA on Thursday so I'll try to make the reservation at Feathers for Saturday as soon as we check in.

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    Kim and Gary - you will probably not have a problem getting a reservation at Feathers, but be sure to go directly to the concierge desk after you check in. Two days in advance you may get a later time, but you should still be able to get a reservation.

    Just Beachy - we've eaten at Patois and Palms for lobster night. Bob actually prefers Palms for lobster. Neither Patois or Palms requires reservations so we usually make a "game time decision" on where we want to eat.

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