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    Default First time to CN - July 2013


    This will be my husband and I first time to Couples Negril. This will be our third time to Jamaica. My husband's sister and her husband will be joining us. We've readed most of the review at various websites. But I like the message board best, because you get real answers from CN repeaters.

    I noticed that no one really say much about the activities outside of the resort . I have a few questions, if someone would help a newbie to CN.....

    1. What is the nightlife like at CN? (We like to dance)
    2. Has anyone ever been to the One Love Concert ? (Love good Reggae music)
    3. Would you suggest using the Spa at CN? (Couple message)

    One Love,
    Jack's Lady

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    1) Nightlife is not super happening, but it doesn't really need to be. It's hard to be motivated to do anything after 10 or 11p there, because the days are so awesome there. Also, after the great food and drink in the evening, you'll be pretty wiped. The piano bar has some nights where you can dance, and there is a band playing at Cassava Terrace most nights, too. One of the biggest, and only, complaints for my wife and I is the lack of live reggae at the resort. We're in our mid-30's and huge reggae fans, so that's really the only thing that's kind of a bummer.

    2) According to their website, the One Love Concert Series is not holding any events this year.

    3) The spa at CN is awesome. Definitely check it out. Remember, the spa is not included and does carry additional charges, and the staff do get tips, because they are not Couples employees.

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    1. CN is pretty quiet after the dinner type show. If anything is going on it will be at the Piano Bar, and even then, by about midnight it starts winding down.

    2. I can't answer that question.

    3. We love to get the couples massage, and we usually go back for individual massages after the couples massage. Last year we paid a little extra and had our couples massage in the tree house and that was enjoyable.

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    Like you we like Reggae in fact just came back from a weekend Reggae festival in Louisville over Memorial Day. Anyhow the following is a site which has all the concerts in Negril at local clubs: - Negril Jamaica Vacations, Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Tours and Destination Weddings

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    You are going to love CN! I think that the reason you don't hear much about going outside the resort is that YOU DON'T WANT TO LEAVE IT EVER! The nightlife is not much but you can make it whatever you want. The spa is good. Look into taking the One Love Bus Crawl to visit many different bars in the area. Looks like a blast with great reviews.

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    Hi, thanks for replying. I'm so excited to be going to CN! I've been reading the reviews for the One Love bus tours. And they sounds like everyone has a good time.

    We will be there July 1-5. Do they celebrate the 4th of July at CN? We have our red, white and blue swim wear.

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    Jacks Lady
    OMG Do we ever celebrate July 4th at CN. Big party!!! Check out the Meet Up thread under Red, White and Blue 3. It shows some of the couples who are planning to be there. Post your name and picture. Wear your colors and join us at the pool. It is a blast. See you there!!
    Mariann and Jimmy
    Huntsville Alabama

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    Post your pic and dates on the July 2013 post your pic thread.

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