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    Default review from a first timer at CSA

    My husband and I stayed at CSA about a week ago. we had an amazing time. I absolutely loved the resort.
    we had garden verandah suite which is near the road but it wasn't noisy at all (atleast not for us). our room was nice and big and the balcony was really nice too with chairs, light and a fan. however, we never used the balcony coz it was too hot to sit outside.i guess it's good for smokers.
    One thing which i didn't like about the room was that the lighting was kind of dim so it was hard to look for stuff sometimes at night. during the day time, there was alot of light as there are plenty of windows. AC, fan work great, rooms can get ice cold if you want. bathroom was clean too. However i did not like the body wash and shampoo. body wash was a bit drying and shampoo did not work for me at all. Lotion was good. these things might not be important to alot of ppl but if it is, then u are better off bringing your own shampoo. they donot give toothpaste so you should bring that.
    Breakfast was great and the omelette station lady was very nice. u can also get smoothie made at breakfast buffet with fresh fruits which i absolutely loved. Lunch options were pretty good too, seagrapes is awesome for those who are watching their diet and vegetarian/vegans. they have alot of healthy veggie and seafood options. their veggie burger is amazing, tastes just like a meat burger! drink of the day is also good usually fruit juice and smoothies. must try carrot pumpkin soy drink. cabana grill near the pool is also pretty good, loved their chicken burger, patties and jerk chicken.
    Dinner was great in all restaurants and buffet was very good aswell. For feathers though, you have to dress appropriately. i did see some women wearing sandals to feathers so im not sure if you have to wear dressy shoes or not.
    All the bars are great, we loved martini bar and beach bar. bartenders are very friendly and make good drinks. My favorite drinks were bahama mamma, alabama slammer and watermelon martini.
    Beach was absolutely beautiful. it was so calm so you can easily float on the beach and you can take the seat cushions provided by CSA. once in a while, you can find a starfish too!!
    catamaran cruise is alot of fun but be sure to get there early so u can get a good spot because it gets full in no time.
    there is also a lap pool in the other building which is awesome.
    the spa is great and the massage therapists are out of this world. i have never had a better massage in my life.
    overall, the staff is super nice.
    The Gift shop was good too and not so over priced like most resort gift shops are.
    Make sure to bring bug spray to repel mosquitoes and other pesky insects which can bite you. the first night i went outside without any spray and i got bit atleast 5 times by mosquitos and that was very annoying and painful. spent all night scratching myself! so make sure to bring insect repellant spray and use it every time you're outside late afternoon- evening or night time.
    also, i was freaking out before going to Jamaica about the rainy weather forecast which was supposed to be for every single day that we were going to be there. However it only rained twice in 1 week and that too only for an hour or less. the rest of the day was dry. so dont worry about rainy forecast.
    you can't go wrong by choosing CSA. im so glad I did.
    hopefully we will return in a year or so.

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    Thanks for the review. We go back for our 3rd time this October. We can only afford to go once every 3 years, but reading reviews like yours keep me going until the next time we get back to CSA.

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