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    Are there any couples age 55 and older going to the CTC in August? Looking to book a vacay for my wife and I.
    Did not know if this resort was primarily for the younger crowd. Never been to Jamica; have been to St. Thomas.

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    we will be there 8/23 thru 9/1 and are 62 & 61. We have been to csa three times and decided to try CTI since the promotions were so great. We have always had a great time with young and (old?) When are you going?

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    Do you mean CTI? Myself and wife me 55, she 51 and we still got it!! We will be there 8/24-8/31

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    brassmusicman - there are all ages at Couples, young, old, young at heart - you name it, all ages and no one really cares how old you are. As the commercial says, 'Once you go, you know.' Once you experience Couples, you have discovered your second home. There are many repeaters to Couples - we've been 9 times so far and we are trying to catch up with some that are way ahead of us. We have made many friends - young and old. Age doesn't matter - as long as you two have a good time, that is all that counts.


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    The crowd definitely does not skew young in my experience. You'll fit in perfectly from a demographic sense.

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