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    Hello everyone
    We will be down there June 4th through the 10th on our honeymoon! We are really looking forward to it, only 2 weeks away!
    This will be our first time, and I'm looking for any advise to make our trip the best it could possibly be.
    Any suggestions on what to do, where to go, bring, etc would be greatly appreciated.
    Can't wait to get down there, have a great time, and meet you all!

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    Congratulations on the wedding and get ready for an awesome honeymoon. Bring plenty of sunscreen. We recommend water babies spf 50. We will be there the 8th thru the 18 for the 14th time to CTI and will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. Dunns River is a must do and is included in your trip. If you have a water camera, bring that. The disposable one from wal-mart take really good pics. Dont wait to buy them at the resort because they are double in price. One more piece of advice. If you are considering going to the au-naturel island, don't wait til the last day. You will kick yourself for not going sooner if you do.

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    Congrats! We will be arriving CTI on June 7th for a short trip (only 4 days). See you soon!

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