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    Default Couples Swept Away Atrium suites

    I am considering booking the atrium suite at CSA. Could someone please tell me if there are only screens and shutter on the windows, or is there actual glass windows? As well, is it very noisy in the atrium suites during the sleeping hours? I am a light sleeper and want to make sure there is glass prior to booking the atrium suite. Thank you.

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    Nope... no glass in the Atrium Suite windows... at least around the perimeter windows... they only have shutters and screens.

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    Only shudders and screens on some. But you wouldn't know it. If you keep them closed it is very cold in the room. No bugs. If you open them you may have a problem. If you are in the middle of the resort noise is not a factor. It can be if you are near the Palms.

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    There is no glass, just screens and heavy wooden blinds. I did not notice it being loud in the Atrium suites, tree frogs can be a little noisy but I look forward to hearing them serenade me to sleep whenever I'm in Jamaica. I personally find the rooms very romantic, and never once thought "I wish they'd put glass in here" - the AC does a great job of keeping the room cool, and outside bnouises to a minimum.

    Witht hat being said, my wife does wear earplugs - but that may have to do more with my snoring than outside disturbences.

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    Three sides are screens. I felt like I was camping at a resort. You can hear everything going on outside unless you have your A/C on, which in that case blocks out a lot of the noise. I am a light sleeper as well and one evening another couple sat on their balcony below us and talked till about 5 in the morning. They were not very loud, its just that without glass you hear everything. You would be better with the Garden Verandah suites if noise is an issue.

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    No glass.

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    Yes there is glass behind the shutters.....

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    There are screens and plexiglass behind some of shutters. The only real noise during the sleeping hours are the tree frogs and if a light sleeper you may want to bring along ear plugs if you think it will cause a problem. Keep in mind also, there is no TV in the Atrium suites, just the way we like it

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    There is glass or plexiglass on the shutter windows facing the other atrium's of the block you are connected to. There is also glass on the door windows. that lead out to belcony or sitting area. The rest of the windows are shutters with screens behind them. We were down by the Palms which had music every night. You would hear the music and when that was done, you would hear the crickets, frogs etc. If you are a light sleeper, I would not reccomend the Atrium sweets down near the Palms/lemongrass

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    My husband and I just came back from CSA last month and stayed in the Atrium Suite - LOVED it! Yes, most of the windows are "shutters only". You can hear the frogs, crickets, etc. at night, but it's actually quite relaxing and not too crazy loud. I'm the lightest sleeper in the world and didn't have any issues snoozing away! I was also skeptical at first, but we decided to go along with it and we're so glad we did. There is also a fan and AC in the room to keep you nice and cool. I say go for it!

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