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    Default June 19-26 vacation

    Hey! Anybody headed there during our timeframe? We are so excited to get away for a week with nothing but the sun, sand and a drink in our hand. Hoping to make some great friends while we're there.

    Take care y'all!

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    Rhonda and I (Mike) will be there on the 18th through the 25th. We have been to Jamaica several times and love it but its our first time to CTI. We have met some fantastic people ever time and look forward to seeing you guys. Sun, sand and a drink sounds so good right now. 24 days!

    Mike and Rhonda

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    We'll be there the 14th thru 21st. See the June 2013 - CTI - Home Sweet Home! thread and add all your important info. there. 18 days for us!


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    We will be there June 20 - 27! Looking forward to our 5th trip to CTI. We are so excited to bring our daughter and son-in-law with us so they can experience paradise too.

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    Mike, you and Rhonda will be there most of the time we are there. We are staying in an ocean view room. This will be our first visit to Jamaica. Def our first visit to an au naturel island. We are excited but nervous. Cindyjoy, y'all could be great sponsors. Lol! Can't wait! 16 more days

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    First Time to CTI for our honeymoon! June 15-22 11 days!!!

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    We will be at CTI from the 17th thru the 24th..... getting married on the 20th Can't wait!!

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    Jmc, we just married our daughter off this past weekend! Well be looking for your wedding day! Hope it's everything you wanted and more.

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