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    Default Should I stop doing this?

    I look at this board everyday. I get excited for those doing the 'single digit dance'. I read with interest the reviews that are posted. I enjoy the photo contest and those photos posted on a thread. I sympathise (sometimes!) with those that have had a few issues during their trip. I am happy for those that post with great news from home...........weddings, births, new job etc. I feel sad when others post about illness, bereavement and other difficulties. I am familiar with your names and almost feel as though I know you, even though I have probably only met just a few of you during our 4 trips to Couples.

    Am I nuts? Anybody else do this?

    We don't have another trip booked yet................could be at least 18 months before we can go.

    Should I stop? Nope..................................don't think I will

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    It is rather addicting and I do the same thing. We have been to CSS twice with 2 more vacations in the hopper.

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    We go every three years and I am on the message boards almost every day in between. Reading the posts here make me feel like I am enjoying CSA already. It gives me my Couples "fix". I'm so glad to see new reviews and updated information about one of my most favorite places in the world. These boards are a link to great memories with my honey. You are definitely not nuts. Unless we both are? ha ha

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    I'm in the same boat. I don't think we'll get back for two years maybe. I probably don't have enough to do in life ha ha!! I love this board too and love to hear about others' trips. It is like a family I guess. I'll keep reading too.

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    I don't see anything wrong w/that, but since I do the same thing that's understandable. Just returned a bit over a week ago from our trip (started with a countdown of over 400 days). I have no idea when our next trip will be (turned out our last trip was our babymoon), but I'll still be on the message board reading and dreaming.

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    Well it's good to know I'm not alone!!

    I'm sure there are lots more folk just looking and dreaming, just waiting to post and say those magic words..............We're Booked!

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    I look at least once a week with no trip planned and without hope of booking one for who knows how long, so it's purely motivational for me, some day I'll do the single digit dance again

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    My hubby laughs at me over how addicted I get to the message board, although he was impressed on our first trip that I knew what to pack! Got all the info here. 57 days!

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    Let me say husband is a what yo might call a "tight wad". Every time I get the urge to return to Couples, he always makes deals.......after the taxes are paid...the credit card is paid off....blah, blah....�� But I am very good when I have a goal, so on to the overtime list I go. I start clipping coupons. Saying No to myself ( and the kids) if its not necessity. Our third trip to Couples is booked for Sept 2013. It's not just the week in paradise. Not just the ocean. Not just the pampering. It's all about the sacrifice we put into it, not only to get there, but the journey that involves making our selves and our lives better by dangling the reward in front of us. My husband has often told me that I'm the kind of person who has to have something to look forward to.....I prefer to call it, something to work towards.

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    Jasnstac1 very well put and you sound just like me!

    Our first trip to couples was in April 2010 and we haven't been able to get back until this year. I kept checking the message boards but after awhile I just got so dang sad that I couldn't go, I stopped looking. Now that we've got a trip in 53 days (!!!!!) I'm so happy to be back on the board and catching up on everything I missed!

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    My wife and I have been to Csa 3 times. This past spring I informed her that I was experiencing the 7 year itch. She promptly replied "what!???!". I explained it was the 7 year itch to go back to the Caribbean.
    Lol haha, hence we are going to Couples Barbados in October. We both work a lot and I have a 2nd job. However, I am addicted to the message board when I have a goal in sight. It is a sort of panacea that I can go to at the end of a long stressful day, that being couples Barbados. So the long answer is, no you are not crazy, just motivated and excited. That is a good thing!

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    You're not alone! My husband & I celebrated our 10th anniversary at CSA in Nov 2011, and we can't go back until October of next year! I am literally reading EVERY PAGE of the message board during this time. I read the current posts, then pick up where I left off & read a few pages at a time. I'm on page 86 currently. Am I a freak? Maybe. But it's passing the time by, and there is a LOT of time to pass by!

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