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    Default romance rewards question??

    we will be 1st timers at css in we still get to do the cti visit?how do we follow the process? thanks

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    If you are Romance Rewards members you can. If you are not there may still be time to join.

    Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts

    Have a great trip!

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    Yes, all romance rewards members qualify for trading places. It's easiest to register before you arrive at couples. Register on this page: Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts

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    yes you do and yes you should

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    Sign up for Romance Rewards. You will be given a number. Keep the number and use it when you check in. You will then have the opportunity to go over to CTI. Just sign up 24 hours in advance.
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    Yes, just register with Romance Rewards prior to arriving and consult the front desk about visiting CTI.
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    You can do the Trading Places day as a first timer, but you will need to sign-up for Romance Rewards ASAP, like right now, so they can get you in the system and issue your RR number. Enjoy!

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    Sign up for Romance Rewards now so you have your number when you get there. Then you can do a trading places.

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