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    Default how to survive the heat of the day?

    After lunch at the resort seems to be a scorcher. Curious what everyone does to escape the sun or survive the heat without burning your skin.?
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    We always use 30 (or higher) sunblock and reapply often. However I find the hottest part of the afternoon a great time to read a book in the shade or relax in my room or on the balcony (if it's shady).

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    Go swimming alot, lots of cold beverages and lots of sunscreen!

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    The beach is glorious in the heat of the afternoon! Take a dip in the ocean occasionally to cool down and enjoy the heat. Also we are big fans of the frozen drinks in the afternoon. Of course you can take some time in your room or a pool to cool down. Hey, it's the tropics. It is supposed to be hot!
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    You're at CSS, go over to the mineral pool. It is fairly shady over there and the water is nice and cool. Or you could go to the pool by the lobby. It also has shade. I've never thought it was too hot. I just enjoyed the pool.
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    Shade on the beach. Shade in a pool. At CSA maybe the Sports Complex. Back to the room for a nap or hang out on balcony.

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    I sit in the shade w/a lot of sunblock on and a washcloth from my room to help wipe away the sweat. It is rather hot, but it's still tons better than being in my air conditioned office at work.

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    Frequent dunking in large bodies of water. I always envision a turkey in the oven gettin' cooked up good -- as that's what it feels like sometimes with that sun that is as intense as it is...

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    Shade, sunblock, and frequent dips in the pool or ocean.
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    Hmmm I've only been to CSS, but we floated (with hats and sunscreen), took naps in shady hammocks and under palapas, and hung out at the swim up bar!

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    Lay under the palms on the beach or duck into your room for a nap! Or, go to the mineral pool or grotto. That will cool you off. My wife usually uses that time for her spa times. There are plenty of shaded areas around CSS so you should be able to hide from the direct sun easily.
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    SPF 30 and vodka slushies.

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    We set up in the shade for the entire day. We then take timed excursions into the ocean and get wet. By timed, I mean, I am terrible at putting sunscreen on so I allow myself a total of 20-25 minutes out of the shade and into the ocean. I do this a couple of times in the morning, and a couple of times in the afternoon, and after 3 or 4 days I have a nice tan. But definitely stay in the shady area in the afternoon, with a good book and a siesta or two on the lounger.

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    Most afternoons will find us curled up in our loungers under a palm tree in the shade taking a nap.

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    Go in the ocean!

    Also, we recently went to Disney & had purchased this nifty little portable fan: Keychain Misting Fan: Home & Kitchen

    It's pretty much pocket sized but works great! Wouldn't hurt to clip it to your beach bag for those moments when you don't feel like getting in the water.

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