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    Default It's time for you to vote to name our restaurant at Couples Barbados

    After receiving more that 10,000 entries, the owners have selected their top five choices. Now it's your turn. Don't forget to submit your vote for the new Couples Barbados restaurant: Vote for Couples Barbados Restuarant Name

    The person who entered the winning selection will win a FREE 7 night stay!

    Couples Resorts

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    Just a quick question on the voting page it says the stay must be used before December 25, 2013 and then on the contest page says June 31, 2014. So I am not sure which one is correct!

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    OH MY!!! My entry is in the top 5!!! Please everyone vote for OLIVE BLOSSOM!

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    Hoping that means ALL OF US who submitted Olive Blossom can join you in Barbados! We need a vacation
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    I submitted Baobab- I don't know if I was the first one, but I hope a Coupleholic wins it. An unusaul name for an unusual restaurant. Just because it's Barbados! Even if I don't win, I can't wait to try it!

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    I placed my vote for the Olive Blossom however for fear of possible copy right infringments using the name "Olive Blossom" may I offer an alternate... The O-B Lounge.

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    RobnShawna... there is no "copyright infringement" using that name.

    A lot of people submitted Olive Blossom. It will come down to whoever submitted it first.

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    Cleome so did i and obviously like the name but I think Olive Blossom sounds so romantic

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    I also submitted Olive Blossom. So I guess we will see who submitted it first.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I submitted Baobab too!!!! Maybe they will draw from all the entries for the selected name????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marnies View Post
    I submitted Baobab too!!!! Maybe they will draw from all the entries for the selected name????
    From the contest rules page: " If more than one entrant submitted the winning name, the winner will be chosen based on their time and dated stamped submission. "

    Early bird gets the worm I guess..

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    Ha! Yup I submitted Olive Blossom as well. Shoot! I thought I was do clever!

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    LOTS of us picked it! I had no idea it would be such a popular suggestion!

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    It's June 7th, and the winner will be announced sometime today!

    I submitted Olive Blossom 43 minutes after the contest was first announced... so I have a DECENT shot if Olive Blossom is the winner... however, I definitely would not be surprised if someone beat me to it! It will be close though!

    Let's go Olive Blossom!

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    where ar the results? who won? the voting site says the winner has been posted on the message board.

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    When will we know what name and who won???? I've been checking my email/computer obsessively

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    WOW. I am surprised "Yes Please" won!

    I actually thought that name was the worst in the group...

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    I also came up with Olive Blossom. I was so excited when I saw it. I wish we knew who the winner was.

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    I saw that as well.

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