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    Default Curling Iron, Flat Iron, and Hair Dryer

    I am not high maintenance, but my hair is. It is frizzy at best. So, I use a powerful hair dryer and flat iron or curling irons. Because, the electricity is slightly different, will they be as powerful or get as hot?
    Thanks for your help!

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    I have used my flat iron in the past at CSA and didn't have any issues. You may want to bring a product that has humidity control in it though if your hair won't stay straight as mine refuses to do in Jamaica

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    Not an issue. I have thick hair so I bring my hairdryer as well as my flat iron. Dryer is just as powerful as at home and flat iron was hot.
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    Might I just suggest not bothering? It is super humid in Jamaica and in my experience any time spent fixing hair is completely wasted after about 5 minutes outside. I just go with the curl for the week or pull it up in a twist rather than spend time on my hair.


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    First of all, I'm black and I perm/relax my hair. We were at CTI one hour before we got in the ocean. My hair never saw heat styling again until we got home. I suggest bringing scrunchies, headbands, hair gel and leave the flat iron at the house.
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