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    Default Eletrical Outlets @ CN

    9 days left!!!! I am wondering about the electrical outlets in the rooms at CN. Will i need to bring a adaptor or is the power at the resort 60 hz? Or is it 50 hz with the same plug as 60hz? Some guidence would be greatly appreciated!

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    It's 50 hz, but the only issue will be if you have a clock. Unless of course you're traveling with a refrigerator, large TV, or some other major appliance. Hair dryers, and the like will be no problem. Anything you have that is rechargeable like an I-Pod or Laptop uses DC power, converted from the A/C so will be no issue.


    Scott and June

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    50 or 60hz doesn't really matter. No adaptors are needed, but bring an extension cord or two because the outlets are few and behind stuff.
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    Same power as US. But do consider a splitter or extension cord if you will have a few phones and such to charge.

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    Jamaican electricity is 50 hz with the same plugs as 60 hz (same type plugs as you find in the USA). Some say that this difference in hertz makes it so that things take a little longer to charge or the hair dryers won't get as hot, but we never really noticed any difference.

    I would recommend bringing along a jack strip / surge protector with a decent length cord on it. This will make it easier to charge all of your electronics. The plugs might be behind the bedside tables and not very convenient to reach.
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    It is 50hz with the same plug. You will not need a converter, but if you have a lot of stuff to plug in you may want to take a power strip with you. Plugs are few in the room.

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    The electrical outlets are the same that you find in the States. I don't know if that means 50 or 60, but I do suggest bringing a power strip as there is no outlet in the bathroom and there are limited power outlets otherwise.
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    Power is US. If you're not US, you'll need an adaptor.

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    Its the same as the U.S. and Canada. No adaptor needed!-274 days till CN for us. Enjoy!!

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