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    Default Nightlife at CN??

    Hey everyone,
    My fiance and I will be in CN on June 9-13, 2013 for our honeymoon and I was just curious of any suggestions as far as making reservations early for dinner, must do's and what the nightlife is like there and what we can expect? This is our first time out of the US/at a couples resort/and Jamaica. So we were just wanting some guidance and direction from previous vacationers. We are beyond excited, neither of us has even flown before! Eek! Going to be a great experience I am sure! So any advice/suggestions would be fabulous!


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    To be married: June 8, 2013

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    Congrats on the wedding. Janet and I got married at CN last September. It was just the two of us for our wedding and very simple. The one thing we did was hire the inhouse mento band (3 people) for $150 and enjoyed the music before and after the ceremony, at the cake eating etc.

    As far as night life they had a bonfire and beach party one night with dancing in the sand. Also had a Jamaican acrobat show. Another night they had a casino night. June should be slower so reservations may not be a problem. Only need them at the one dressy restaurant.

    The beach is on a bay and the water is oh soooo calm. You can float in it for hours and go out 50 yards and see your feet iin the sandy bottom and the water is still not over your head. Lots of FREE water sports (cateraman, snorkelying, wind surfing, water skiiing, scuba). Be sure to sign up for these and enjoy.

    One thing we did in the evening is go to some of the music venues on 7 mile beach to hear local music. Here is one music venue Live Reggae Music Shows in Negril at Alfred's Ocean Palace entertainment center on the beach every sunday, tuesday and friday night.

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    My husband and I went to CN last August! We had a fantastic time!!!! Couple's Negril has a lot to offer and it all depends on what you guys enjoy. All of the restaurants are amazing, but with it being your honeymoon I think one of the first things you need to do is make 1 if not 2 reservations at Otaheite which is CN's formal restaurant. I love the side by side seating,lighting,glass walls, and of course the food! You should take advantage of the free excursions especially the Catamaran (Sunset) cruise,snorkeling, and the shopping trip. Always sign up for your excursions in advance, don't just show up beacuse they all fill up fast. For a little extra money you can go night snorkeling and it is well worth it! There is something really crazy about being in the middle of the pitch black ocean wearing a flashlight and a life vest, kind of a rush! The piano bar is a blast and the beach party is really fun! Make sure to take a flash light and go for a moonlight walk through the gardens one night.....there are crabs of all shapes and sizes that come out at night. If you are interested in any excursions outside of the resort we went zip lining and it was an experience I will NEVER forget. Your are basically flying through the rainforest!! It was so beautiful and a little scary, but definitely worth it! You both will have a wonderful time, and will be well taken care of! Enjoy your honeymoon!!!!

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    Thanks for both of your reviews and advice!! We are so excited, we can't hardly stand it! We leave this Sunday and it can't come quick enough! I am sure it will be everything we hoped and dreamed of! Thanks again,
    Megan & Ethan

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