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    Default Shipwreck Beach Party or Romantic Bonfire?

    Hi All,

    We are traveling down to Couples Swept Away in July for 5 nights for a quick getaway. I know this will be way to short but with our current schedules it's all we could get away for this year. As a result, we will only be able to attend either the Shipwreck Beach Party or the Romantic Bonfire. Can anyone provide some information on both events and an opinion on what you preferred? Just looking for a general idea of the atmostphere, likes/dislikes, ect. and photos are appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for the input!

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    The Shipwreck Beach Party is Saturday night starting at 6:30 and all retaurants but Feathers are closed for dinner. The bonfire is either Tuesday or Wednesday night at 9:00 or so, dinner is not involved. Go to both if you are there on those days and still awake at 9:00. I've only seen the bonfire from my balcony.

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    Personally I would do the Beach Party. The bonfire is romantic but from my experience imagine sitting next to a Jamaica!! It's hot! The beach party was alot of fun!!

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    we have been 3 times to CSA and always go to the shipwreck beach party because after diving all day, we can't stay up that late for the bonfire LOL

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    Beach party is on Fridays

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    We are not big on the buffet nights so I would not book my week around that(beach party), but some people love them. I did however really enjoy the bonfire night. You can go for dinner then enjoy the romance of the bonfire after. We have a cottage so bonfires are a big part of our social life , always in the summer. It all depends on what you like.

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    Beachparty was OK. we just were there May 20-26. They had the party inside because it had rained earlier in the day and couldnt set it up. Not real sure what happend with the bon fire. We saw the fire set up, but it was covered do to rain and then the next day it was gone. Dont know if it actually happened. Beach party was neat but would have been better on the beach!

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    The beach party is fun but it has rained the last three years so it has been inside. The bonfire is good it is so relaxing either me or my wife usualy falls asleep.

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    We are going in July as well and was told that the beach party is on Friday, as we are going on the Catamaran curise on Saturday.

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