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    Default Question for Repeat Guests - Romance Rewards

    With my return "home" to CSS next month, I qualify for Romance Rewards and will receive a T-shirt as one of my gifts. My question to the repeat guests who have already acquired their T-shirt is this - do they run true to size? Also, are they 100% cotton? And if you could let me know what to expect in regard to the Repeat Guests' dinner, that information would be appreciated as well. Thank you for your assistance!

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    i use mine as a nightshirt, I think they do run fairly good to size.I believe they are cotton. They get pretty wrinkled out of the dryer. As for the repeaters dinner at CSS, They have it by the pool, its sit down for the appetizer/soup and then they have a buffet for the entree and dessert. you will sit with management so you are able to talk with the staff and last year they did a raffle, i won the 50 gift shop certificate, but they also had passes to moray lounge and one couple who had been going for a long time got free nights! we are on our fourth trip June 1st and are looking forward to the repeaters dinner. I even bought a dress for the occasion. Its a shame when i hear people who don't feel it's worth it. We get to meet a lot of the good folks who work so hard to make our vacation amazing and personally thank them!
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    The t-shirts are true to size they are a white cotton. I do not know what CSS meal is like but CTI is great and you get to meet a lot of the management.

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    Would love to know too! We leave for CSS in 51 days and do we receive our shirts when we arrive? Maybe we will see you ther MissKimberly!

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    We have received several t-shirts over the years and they have never been true to size. But no worries, we just ask for another! as for the Repeaters' Dinner, at CTI, it's a semi formal event in that the guys wear nice tropical or golf shirts and slacks. It is in 8 Rivers. At CTI there is a manager at every table. We enjoy our time with friends we have made over the years and this is usually the only night we all sit down together for dinner.

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    The T-shirts run true to size, although a man's size. They are 100% cotton. If in doubt, order a size up.

    I can only speak for CN but assume it's the same at the other resorts. The Repeaters' Dinner starts with a cocktail party where you can meet the staff. You then go to the restaurant where there is a special, set menu. They ask if you have any food allergies or other issues with what's served and will adjust accordingly. You sit at tables for +/- 8 with fellow repeaters and one or more staff members. The site manager usually makes a brief speech, introducing his/her senior staff.

    It's a nice event. Food is great. And you get the "inside scoop," to the extent there is one.

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    My XL t-shirts were never truly XL. They always run small and shrink even more when you wash them - so I just give them to our kids! Personally I'd prefer a nice polo style shirt....

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    Thank you all for your responses to my questions. I appreciate your input.

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