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    Is there a beach bar open in the evenings at CSA or CN? Being able to sit out in the evening having a drink is enjoyable to me.

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    They pretty much close down at sundown or a little before.

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    They close at 630pm

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    yes! and you can sit on your balcony and a have a drink. or you can sit on the beach and have a drink. the resort(cn) is pretty much open to sitting anywhere. We enjoyed sitting on the beach at night. never have gone into the water though. swimming at night is awesome too!

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    At CSA, the two beach bars close shortly after sunset. Both bars sit directly in front of rooms, so I'm sure that noise is some of the factor in shutting them down at that time. However, you are not out of options by any means. The Patois bar is open air and is wonderful place to enjoy a cocktail before dinner. You can also have a cocktail made at The Palms bar and sit outside at one of the tables near the pool. Or you can always make a drink in your room and enjoy it on your balcony. Lots of options for al fresco cocktails!

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    they are open till six in the evening.

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    At CSA they close between 630-7pm. At CSS it was open until 1am. Don't know about CN.

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    oh, at CSA you can sit out on the patio in front of the main bar until 11pm. There are tables and chairs. Need to get your own drinks though. And at Patios bar it is open air on side of pool.

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    The pool bar closes down about sunset at CN but the beach bar & the one in the Cassava Terrace are both open (& open air) so you can get drinks & sit outside or at the bar itself .... Lots of tables & chairs or big lounge areas around the pool/beach area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travel3 View Post
    Is there a beach bar open in the evenings at CSA or CN? Being able to sit out in the evening having a drink is enjoyable to me.
    I agree. There's nothing like sitting out close to the water sipping a drink and listening to the sea. The two beach bars at CSA are in a perfect location for that but as another poster pointed out, due to the close proximity to rooms, they shut down at sunset.
    At CN it's a little better since they removed the huge hedge years back that blocked the water view by the bar at the Beach Grill/Heliconia.
    The best in our opinion (out of the 3 Couples we've been to) is the beach bar at CSS. This bar is literally on the beach and sitting there at night meeting new friends and talking it up with the staff is great. With the water & sand right there, you really get the tropical vibe.

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    You have the right idea...sitting on a beach chair in the dark watching the moon and the stars and listening to the ocean is one of my favorite things about Couples. It doesn't matter that the beach bar is closed. The main bar is only a few more steps away. Try'll love it.

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    We did visit the CSS a few years back for the day and after the tour, spent many hours at that beach bar, I didn't want to leave. To be honest, I would book CSS, but I will save that for another trip, as Negril is calling my name and I am going to choose CSA for the beach. I am a beach person and when I see the comments and pictures of the CSA beach, it gives me goosebumps? Cannot wait to go and experience every wonderful thing you repeaters talk about. I know I will be a Couples Groupy too

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