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    Default GHVS or Atrium Rooms


    I'm thinking of visiting CSA this winter, and am trying to figure out which room to book. I'm torn between the Great House Veranda Suite or the Atrium Suite.

    I've weighted some of the pros and cons of both (minibar tv vs hammock, etc), but one question I do have is about the noise from the club, etc for the GH Veranda Suite. Has anyone had an issue with that? I'm a light sleeper so it's a bit of a concern for me.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hi vacay79,
    We stayed in the GH last October, apparently on the same floor as the lounge (we didn't visit it, sand gravity and scuba diving had us in bed by 11 each night) and didn't hear a thing at all while we were there.
    The room was nice, the verandah and the view of the ocean/beach was awesome!! If you want to see pictures from our verandah, let me know, and I'll try and figure out how to post pictures here, lol.

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    Default Ghvs

    Last year my husband and I stayed in the GHVS and will again next month. We did not hear any noise from the club. There is an interior door to each floor. We like this suite because we can get wireless in our room, the internet cafe is downs stairs, the verandah is covered so we could sit out there when it rained.

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    There are hammocks on the beach for anyone to use and the bars are everywhere. A large TV is in the sports complex ... not trying to muddy the water on your decision but, ...

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    Thanks for all your help, everyone. I think we're going to end up booking the GHVS...I'd love to see your pics Terri_Steve, if you can figure out how to post them!

    Hopefully, we'll like CSA to come back another time and try another room category.

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    We book the GHVS and will be there on Thursday. There is a mini bar in the room, flat screen TV and the verandah is very private. We could still see the ocean from our room. I think you will like it.

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    Hi vacay79,
    This is my first attempt at attachments, so I hope it works!
    This was the view straight ahead from our room in the GHVS, and it was beautiful. I'm still looking for others, and I'll post them for you once I find them.
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    Stay in an will love it! Quite the bang for the buck

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