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    Default First time honeymooners at CTI; lots of questions

    After much research we have decided to take our honeymoon trip this December at CTI. I chose this resort over the others I have seen based on the positive reviews, but I'm still so nervous about my decision! Although I know we made the right choice going with a Couples Resort. We are in our mid-twenties and are looking for a relaxing but fun vacation.

    I have a few questions:

    Is the beach although small, a nice beach where you can really get the island feel? How is the sand/water? I know it's not comparable to Negril but some info would be helpful!

    We don't want to "party" but would like to have activities and entertainment at night. Does CTI have enough entertainment or would you say it's boring?

    How far ahead should we book the paid excursions? We are interested in the dolphin encounter and horseback riding as well as the sunset cruise to negril. Do they book fast?

    Once we get there is it likely that if we book margaritaville, a couples massage, and a private dinner that all those can be accommodated? Or do those depend on availability? Have you had trouble booking a massage or excursion once you got there? Is there a way to book in advance?

    We were choosing between CN and CTI. What is your experience of CTI vs. CN? Based on the activities we want to do, do you think CTI is a good choice for us?

    This is our first vacation in a long time. First time out of the country in awhile. Sorry for all the questions!! Need to take it easy mon'? I however will appreciate all the responses.

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    Hi and congrats on your upcoming wedding. Here goes:

    1. Beach is rocky in places but as you walk out it is soft sand in most areas. This is not Negril but the beach and location is still beautiful.

    2. CTI had plenty when we were there from the Gala on Sat, Beach Party on Monday nightly bands, Martini Cocktails twice a week on the roof and piano bar there is alot of entertainment for any couple. It is not a night club party place but very elegant and classy forms of fun for your and your husband.

    3. Not sure on this one but most people book when they get there and seem to get better rates.

    4. Do all your bookings when you arrive. Never a problem getting on an excursion unless it is the Catamaran and weather prevents it. You don't even need to book Margaritaville or Dunns. Just show up in the lobby. No worries.

    5. We have been to both. CTI is more romantic in our opinion and had a couple more attractive things included (Dunn's river particularly). We met many honeymooners and newlyweds there when we were there last month and everyone we spoke to loved the place and all it offered. CN's food was marginally better in 2011 when we were there but CTI had the veggie bar which we loved!

    Check out my review here. I think it might calm your concerns as we were worried after such an enjoyable time at CN. You will love CTI. It is a wonderful place...

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    I just returned from CTI May 18. We renewed our vows on May 14 in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. The beach was big enough for me. I like that private feel too. You can book those excursions when you get there. Don't wait! Just make sure you book everything right away after you arrive. Things do get filled up fast. They usually can accomodate within reason. I loved this resort we had the best vacation ever. I love that it has an intimate feel over a larger resort. There is entertainment at night. They have shows, musicians, a DJ and singalongs in the piano bar. The Steele Band was by far my favorite. Then I would say I enjoyed the solo guitarist on the beach. I can't remember his name but he was very good. The staff and service was excellent. We wanted for nothing here!

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    my wife and i r in late 20s and early 30's . we hv been to csa and cti. we wanted to do all kinds of things, too. but we never left either resort. once there ull see why you can do as much as u want or do absolutly nothing lol. they hv something new to do about every hour. as far as night life its what u make of it. they hv live music and the piano bar. we wld listen to bands and then go sit in the hot tub. its nice cause the hot tub and pools dont close. and i know this aint for everyone but try the island on the first day or two. or u might regret not. back home we r pretty conservative people and thought we wld never go out there, but after a few drinks on the second day(liquid courage) we found ourselve joking about it and joking turned into us getting onto the boat to go out there. we were glad we did and was out there everyday after that. what ever u choose to do while at cti (or any Couples resort) ull hv memories that ull never forget. just remember to go with a open mind. everything in jamaica moves slow. just remember ur in paridise and ull hv a blast

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    Congradulations! TI is a great choice. The beach is indeed small but it has a more cozy feel to it. the water is great. There is enough entertainment going on in the evenings to keep you busy, and if you still want to hang out the piano bar is open.
    You can book your excursions at any time. No worries mon!
    I booked our private dinner on the beach through the romance concirge about a month before we got there.
    You have to wait until you get there to book dinner reservations for Eight Rivers and Bayside. Again No worries.
    Hope this helps

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    My wife and I will also be there in December, our second trip to CTI this year. We loved it, can't wait to go back. The beach is great, not huge, but always lots of room. It is very pretty, sand is soft and water is clear. Quite possibly the best thing at CTI is the food. Over the top good!!! I wouldn't worry about booking excursions, they are easy to book once you get there. We tried to book an excursion online before we left and it actually made it more of a hassle than if we had just booked it there. Like you we are not party'ers but we always felt there was something going on if we wanted to do something at night. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed with your trip to CTI. Are you gonna try the island???

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