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    Default Dunns river falls

    First time going to CTI on Nov. 13/12 and very much looking forward to it.
    Just a quick question running Dunns River Falls. I see that the tour leaves in
    the morning however is it an all day tour or just the morning.How long is
    the bus ride thanks in advance

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    The ride from CTI to Dunn's River is not that long at all. The only thing that would add some time is if anyone wants to pull over to the lady on the side of the road to buy water shoes for $15. You'll want something grippy for the falls. It was only a couple hour excursion and we were back in time to enjoy the island some more afterwards. The falls and the hike were really nice, and a great way to cool off. Our only issue was trying to leave through "Peddler's Way". Be prepared to be approached by hundreds of aggressive shopkeepers, as you will exit the falls through a different path than when you entered. If you can exit through the entrance, you'll save yourself some grief....unless you want some wares. Also, the guard at the end aggressively hit on my for that guy too, lol.

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    The Falls was a great part of the Trip. So much fun. The drive is maybe 15 mins. We went on a thursday and our group was the first one that day so it wasn't crowded at all. Leaving the falls you do go through some shops where people ask you to look but I wouldn't say they were pushy at all. Just say no thanks and keep walking. I would suggest bringing water shoes with you and a waterproof camera. My wife and I brought just a couple disposable waterproof cameras and they came up with the best pictures from the trip.

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