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    Just looking for tips on what I should make sure I don't forget to bring. What should I expect. We well be arriving june 8th for a weeks stay. Has anyone stayed at this time? how is the weather? Any tips on drinks that we must try while staying? Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    We will be arriving on June 10th. We are first timers as well. I hear the weather should be fine in the morning with possible rain in afternoon. I have heard the Bob Marley shot is a must. Other than that most people say not to over pack and bring lots of sunscreen. We are pretty excited.

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    Recommended drinks... Dirty Banana...yummy! Hummingbird is good as well. And of course, Red Stripe... no problem mon. Drink hint...don't forget to bring a thermo cup from home... the bar staff will happily fill it and your drink will stay colder otherwise you'll have to go with the plastic drink glasses the resort poolside and island bars provide (which are okay as well - you'll just get to know the bar staff well from repeated visits). And if you're adventurous... just tell the bartenders "surprise me... whatever you like"... every time it was a tasty surprise. Say hi to Paul... great bartender! Have a fabulous time!

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    Awesome, thanks. I like surprises and if I dont like it, no money wasted.

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    Congratulations on your first trip to CTI. My wife and I will also be arriving on June 8 except this will be our 14th consecutive trip and we always go in June. In 13 years we have only had any type of bad weather for one or two days and that was usually just rain. Most days it is sunny and around 85 degrees. If it does rain during the day it will only be for an hour or so and then back to the sun. By the way, I have already called my people and June 8-18 will be perfect weather so no worries. As far as what to bring, most importantly, dont forget the sunscreen. You will need some cash for anything you might want from the gift shop and any additional excursions you might want to do. Try all the drinks! Each bartender has a special drink and try those too! Of course you have to try the Red Stripe and maybe one Bob Marley. Ricardo makes the best Bob Marleys on the planet so if you do decide to try one, get it from him. You should expect to be wowed by the staff. They are the number one reason we have returned so many times. Everyone there will try to make sure that you have an awesome time. We arive in Montego Bay around 1pm. Will be at the resort around 3. Hope to see you at one of those places!!

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