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    Default Can anyone advise on which room is best at CSS for our budget?


    I'm sooooo excited...i've just booked my flights to Montego Bay for next April all i need to do now is book the room at Couples San Souci. My dad has recommended this resort due to it's fabulous food, service, location etc etc.!

    Unfortunately, myself and my boyfriend are only 25 and this is a big splurge for us so we want to be able to get the best for the money we are able to spend.

    I have been looking at the rooms and i think the cheapest one for us is the Delux ocean View...the lowest priced option of all the rooms.

    Can anyone say how these rooms fair? I noticed they don't have a balcony but having spoken with my boyfirend we decided it's not a major problem. Also, which block would be best to ask for if we do get to request when we book, and also, which floor is best?

    I seriously can't wait...April is soooo far away!

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    Back in May we did the SR (where we didn't get to pick the Couples resort we went to or the room type) & you get a "run of the house" room so I'm sure the room we had was one of the least expensive ones but it was great. We did have a balcony & I think that most of the rooms do have one. If you are on a strict budget for your trip & the only way you can go is to get the least expensive room .......... do it. You are not in your room that much anyway & it's nothing to worry about. We usually go to CN & never upgrade our room. The rooms are more than good enough & you can save some $$$$.

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    At 25 if you are very active, you will not be in the room much anyway except to sleep and get some private time. Save the money. You will have a GREAT time in any room. Next time when you have a few more bucks to spend, upgrade a bit if it makes you feel better. I say save the money and heave the best time because you will in any room!!! Just my opinion. For what it is worth, you could spend more and get a balcony with little or no view.... Go and just have a great time. No worries!!! No fretting!!

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    No matter what type room you get you'll be happy with it. Many repeat guests take the option to get the least expensive room and spend more time on vacation.

    Ask yourself how much time will you spend in the room?

    You have restaurants, the bars, the beach and you want to stay in your room?

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    Only you can make the decision as to what features you're willing to forego and what you can't live without. I've not seen a bad room at CSS.

    The reason for some of the "odd room types" at CSS stems from the fact that the older section of the resort was changed from residential space to hotel space. Therefore, there were some spaces that didn't really fit the "norm." Having said that, that doesn't mean they're bad. In fact, one of our favorite rooms is just such a space, a substantially smaller room than most but with a great view, great location and a nice breeze. It's all about preference.

    One thing to consider: It's my understanding that there are very few rooms at CSS without balconies (I think I hear something like four), so there's always the possibility of an upgrade. I certainly wouldn't book a room expecting to be upgraded, but it seems much more likely in the categories with very few rooms.

    We definitely like a nice balcony, but if I had to choose between a balcony and not going, there would be no second thought. Go, and have a wonderful, wonderful time!

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