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    Default Atrium Suite hot in the summer?

    Hi All,

    We will be making our first trip down to Jamaica in July and have decided on Couples Swept Away. After reading the reviews it looks like the Atrium Suite is a great option but my only question is do they get hot in the summer time? I know they have air conditioning but with only shutters and no glass in the windows, whats the temperature like for sleeping at night. Any input is helpful.


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    Let me first say that you've made a great decision - you will have a wonderful time. As far as the temperature goes in an Atrium Suite, we stayed in one last June and never had a problem - other than my wife complaining that I had the made the room too cold!
    The A/C units in the room are very efficient, so no worries. Have a great trip!
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    When you close the shutters and turn on the a/c it gets really cool in there, no problems! I'm always hot and I was a bit chilly even at times with the a/c on.... it works just fine.

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    Thanks for the info. We are officially booked in an Atrium Suite in July. Now the countdown begins!

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    Honestly it works very well at night. Especially with the shutters, or most of them at least, closed. We had a bit more difficulty during the day as we enjoy the sunlight in the room, but that makes it a little tricky to get the temp at a comfortable level and keep it there. We just try to keep it reasonable as we don't spend that much time in our room during the day anyway. It has really never been an issue though.
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    I've spent 30 or so days of my life in an Atrium suite. One week in May and the other 3+ weeks in Aug/Sept hurricane peak season. Only turned the air on for the 3 hours or so before departure each time. Nights were doors open along with most blinds and ceiling fan running on high. Loved it. True tropical vacation.

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