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    I will be booking a trip to CN for May of 2014. We will be staying for 2 weeks. Having been there already, I realize how little time is spent inside the rooms, so we are going to go with the lowest cost Garden View category.

    Has anyone asked to have a complimentary room upgrade once they arrive for check in? Were you successfull? This certainly isn't a make or break deal - I will be thrilled with the Garden View. However, I sure wouldn't complain if they would move us to an upgraded room that might have sat vacant.

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    You can ask but don't count on it. It happend to us a few years ago at csa so it does happen. We didn't even ask but we were multiple repeaters and may have had something to do with it.

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    It happened to us at CSS in 2012. We had booked a Penthouse Suite. We didn't ask for it but we told we'd be in for a surprise when they took us to our room. It was the Prime Minister's suite! Beautiful suite. It is actually where the Prime Minister stays when he goes to CSS. And he has stayed at CSS.
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    I asked before on a previous trip but was unsuccessful due to the fact that they were booked to capacity.

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    I don't think I would ever ask for a complimentary anything from anyone (not that there is anything wrong with it, but that is just my style). But I sincerely appreciate receiving (and sharing) random acts of kindness.
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    Never hurts to ask but given that is a popular month to travel not likely

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    Agree. Once we were upgraded. The other times we've received the room we paid for. It's all based on capacity. If they can sell a more expensive room, they will. If they don't, there's a chance for an upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    I don't think I would ever ask for a complimentary anything from anyone (but that is just me). But I sincerely appreciate receiving (and sharing) random acts of kindness.
    I know...I think that would feel really awkward asking for something complimentary. I just pay for the room category I want, honestly.

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    My wife and I got married in March of this year at Sans Souci. We originally booked clear back in January 2012. Some friends of mine came the week before us, and stayed for our wedding, and my parents came the day before the wedding. We booked a beachfront suite, my friends booked a beachfront suite, and my parents booked a one bedroom ocean suite. When my friends arrived, they got upgraded to a penthouse suite (the belafonte (spelling?)). My parents got upgraded to a beachfront suite. My wife and I did not get upgraded at all. None of us asked to be upgraded, they just simply gave them the better room at check in. My friends are multiple repeaters, and it was my parents and our first visits to Couples. Also, during that time frame, the resort was booked 100%.

    The way I figure it is (which I could be completely wrong in this)... The resort wants to sell as many rooms as possible, so if the upper level rooms are underbooked, they will end up overbooking the lower level rooms, and as people arrive, they will upgrade them based on availability and first come first serve basis. Even though we didn't get upgraded, we still absolutely loved our room. The view was great, the proximity to everything (except gift shops and cassanova) was great... I loved waking up in the mornings and looking out my window, listening to the waves, watching the vendors set up on the beach, watching the water sports crew clean up the beach. I think, even if we were given a free upgrade, I don't know if we would take it, we just loved that room so much!

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    January 2012 at CN we were upgraded from a Garden View to an Ocean View room. Room 5303. Never asked but we were very pleased with the upgrade. It was a great room!

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