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    Default CN Questions - Beachfront Suite: Room Service Menu, Oteheite & T-Day Dinner

    We splurged and booked the Beachfront Suite for our trip to CN this November. Re: the nightly Hors d'oeuvre's... Any thoughts on those? What do they serve? What time do they arrive?

    I didn't see a Room Service Menu online if we wanted to have dinner in our room. Does someone have a "copy"? I'd love to see our options as we are thinking of having room service one evening. It says you have to book one day in advance. What specific timeline do they require?

    How hard is it to get a reservation at Oteheite on Fridays (lobster night)? We arrive on Sat (11/23) and was hoping to book Oteheite on Friday (11/29) since that will be our last night there. Assuming I book it when we arrive and it being almost a week in advance, it shouldn't be an issue, correct?

    We will be there for Thanksgiving... do they set up something special for that Thursday? I know it's Beach Party night.

    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    Hi - in room dinner is the same menu as the private dinner - on our 5th anny trip we had a suite and dinner on the balcony - it was very romantic and nice. Daily appies are a little plate of something left in your room 5-7 or so - anything from chocolates and fruit to little finger foods - enough for a taste for two. You should have NO problem getting into Otahetie - our 5th trip was in April the first time and resort sold out and still no problem mon. I am sure they do a Thanksgiving Dinner but also realize that only the US celebrates Turkey Day late November and a lot of your guests are from Canada, UK and Europe. Enjoy and gobble gobble ya mon style (Note - we went for 40th bday in November; bring a light sweater for nights as the humidity lower and it cools off more - not a bad thing)

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    Hors d'oeuvres typically arrive between 5 and 6 pm. They vary by night. Sometimes hummus with crackers or shrimp or chocolates.

    Otaheite reservations are available 3 days in advance. If there's a particular night you want, be sure to be at the reservations desk at 9 am 3 days in advance. You can't book further in advance. BTW, if you're open as to seating (tables of 4 or 6) it's easier than if you want a table for 2.

    We've been at CN a couple of times at T-giving. One year there was nothing at all. Last time, at least one of the restaurants (Cassava, I think) offered the traditional turkey dinner. At the end of the day, it's not a huge deal -- yes, turkey with the trimmings is nice but there are always great things to eat.

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    Actually, we have been to couples and a number of other resorts in jamaica over thanksgiving. My anniversary falls within a few days of thanksgiving, and we have been on the island or at couples itself i think 8 times over thanksgiving. Without exception, there were always the ubiquitous American thanksgiving menu items (with a jamaican flair), but I have never seen a whole roasted turkey there. It is my understanding that turkeys are very expensive in JA.

    The best holiday ever at a couples was Xmas, I have pics of Santa coming ashore in a speed boat with his "elves" (the very attractive entertainment staff) from 14 or 15 years ago..I think it was tower island though, not negril...

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    We've eaten at Otaheite on that same Friday on three different trips and never had a problem getting a reservation.

    As for Thanksgiving, I've heard of people getting turkey and stuff, but never actually seen it. Our schedule that day has always been the same: breakfast in-room, morning dive, lunch at Office of Nature (fresh-grilled lobster is our Jamaican turkey!), afternoon dive, cat cruise, beach party, piano bar dance party, and crash hard. You're in Jamaica! Who needs the same ol', same ol'?

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