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    Default Sources for Casual Wedding Dresses

    Can anyone help? I have looked at traditional wedding stores and am not satisfied. I would like something appropriate for the occasion with a beachy look....any ideas?

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    There are tons of places to look online. If you want a casual wedding dress, I'd suggest not searching for the term "wedding" at all. Instead try phrases like "long white dress" or "cotton beach dress". This will expand your results, and most likely lower the price.

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    OMG I struggeled with this a few years ago when I got married at CSA! I did NOT want the big fu fu wedding dress. I wanted beachy too. Well I ended up at a bridal shop thinking another dead end!! The clerk said what is it you are looking for. I told her. She said well why dont you order a bridesmaid dress in white! I didnt know they came in white. That opened up tons of options. There was the perfect chifon flowy bridesmaids dress in the shop in Navy blue. I wouldnt have given it a second look if the clerk didnt mention that. It was strap less and perfect for a beach wedding. I ordered it in white and it was PERFECT! The wedding dresses were running between 500 and 1200 dollars and my dress was 200!! I tired to attach a photo not sure if it worked! LOL
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    Tangles66 has a good point. That is what I did for my wedding dress. Got mine at Alfred Angelo and it was a chiffon. Don't forget about using a color (mine was teal) and also tea length as an option so as not to drag it in the sand.

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    Oohh! Thats such a good idea And very pretty might I add Congrats! and thanks for the advice!

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    I got mine at David's Bridal, it is a bridesmaid dress and I went with a color too. I picked the Wisteria long dress in crinkle chiffon I figured it would pack well and it is very light weight for the tropics. Best part it
    was less than $100.00.....YEAH!!! This is a second wedding for me so white was not important to me.
    Good luck

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    Default Simply Bridal

    I am getting mine from Simply, check it out. Great site!

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    Awesome suggestions....I've got a whole new game plan now. Thanks to all.

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    I ordered a white bridesmaid dress. All bridesmaid dresses come in every color, including white. I found that the bridal dresses were just to formal. I found just what I wanted, very beachy, chiffon, floor length. I ordered it online and it only cost $109. Every website that I looked at were also able to custom make for a few bucks more. Just give them your measurements.

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    These are all great ideas! Have you also looked at dept. stores online? I ordered a few dresses from Macys, JC Penney, and Nordstrom (they all have great return policies). Had a little fashion show in my living room with my Mom and best friend, kept the tags on everything and sent back the ones that didn't work.
    Here's what I chose: Name:  ME1_2521.jpg
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    This is a link to the dress, except mine was floor length:

    Good luck!

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    I got my dress at David's Bridal. $89.99 it's short and I LOVE IT! It's white and was in the prom section. Very light, I am super excited to get married in it

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    Destinations by Mori Lee. There is a pretty good selection. My gown was only $500.

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    Could you email me a pic of your dress?--it sounds awesome. My email address is: Thank you. Did you use the One Love ceremony?

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    I got one of these gowns:
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013
    CSA - May 2016
    CSS - May 2017

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    Hi girls! My wedding is 5/26/12 @CTI. I ran into the same problems... I wanted an amazing gown/ but beach appropriate. I found the PERFECT dress @ davids bridal..they have tons of destination dresses in all budgets. I love the bridesmaid dress in white idea too!!

    here's the link to my dress:

    I also am adding a champagne sash to it.

    I'm doing my own hair/ makeup. I am a licensed cosmetologist, but i'm still nervous. Happy hunting guys !!!

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    I got mine at David's Bridal. They had a pretty good selection of destination wedding dresses.

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    I just bought my dress from Luckbridal, good website~

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    Ladies, I was a bride at CSA in 2006 and wanted something simple yet beachy. If you are looking for something similar and that you will ALWAYS be able to fit into try Wedding Sarongs Beach Wedding Dresses - Caribbean Wraps International I went with the Sarah and wore it one way for the wedding on the beach and then another way for our dinner at Feathers I wore barefoot sandals and then heels with them at night. No matter what you wear, you cannot go wrong with a weedingmoon at Couples Resorts! Name:  Jamaica Wedding 0027.jpg
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    Hi,i am lucy,I'm going to get married in September of this year, I'm not sure what it was like to wear a wedding dress, I saw one, the address is here

    You give me a suggestion, or about the dress first of the wedding in the end is good?????

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