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    This is our first time at Couples, or out of the country, on our honeymoon. We are trying to decide CSA or CTI. Can anyone please give any advice, good or bads about either. My husband to be likes to be right on the beach, and I'm not sure he'd be happy with CTI, but they offer so much more in Ochos Rios, than Negril. Thanks!!!

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    CSA offers more beach than CTI, however CTI offers a nude beach (well, an island) whereas CSA does not. If your husband's primary concern is the beach, I would recommend CSA. If you are both looking for an all-over tan, then CTI is a better choice.

    The food, the wonderful service, and the atmosphere are identical. Whichever you choose, you won't regret it.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    CTI is right on the beach. One of the nice things about CTI is that the beach is for CTI guests only, you do not have any issues with locals, kids, vendors, jet skies, or people from other resorts walking it.

    This is a link to a post that has pictures of the beach.
    Irie Mon

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    Hi there, my husband and I have been to CSA twice and love it there. We are trying CTI for the first time February of 2010. We were tossed when making the decision to try something different from our favourite (CSA). What I have learned from other fellow message board experts is that they are both very different feels. CSA is very spread out and tropical like. The beach is beautiful and huge (7 miles to be exact), and there are some wonderful inclusions (catamaran cruise, glass bottom boat ride, trip to Ricks Cafe). CTI I'm told has a smaller beach, but suitable and more private than CSA. At CSA you will have locals and other hotel guests passing through quite regularly. At CTI the only people on the beach are those staying at CTI. I like that idea. The excursions included at CTI are a bit better than CSA so we are excited to try them.

    It really comes down to personal preference. If you look at the different locations / photos available on this website I'm sure you will be drawn to one more than the other. No matter which one you choose I can guarantee you that you will receive exceptional service, fantastic dining options, top notch entertainment and facilities. You really cannot go wrong no matter which you choose. Clear as mud?? Ha.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Thanks everyone!

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    I have to say if you are expecting the beach to be like CSA, you are going to be disappointed. Having gone to one of the 2 ocho rios resorts 8 times, we just got back from CSA and I have to say, its CSA all the way. I had totally forgotten just how fantastic the beaches in Negril are. CSA is my new love. Some people tend to complain about the vendors, but they just seem to add flavor to the entire experience. Love, love, love CSA. PS_ they now offer ZUMBA if anyone is interested.

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