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    Default Dive Buddy and Scuba Tune-Up ?

    My husband and I are going to CTI in July. I anticipate wanting to dive/snorkel several times. I don't think he will want to do either so often. What happens if I don't have him as a dive buddy? Will I be paired with someone or with a guide?

    Also, we are both PADI open water certified, but have not been on a dive in years. We plan to take the PADI Scuba Tune-Up before our trip. Is this recognized at CTI? Will we still need to take the resort course? I don't mind doing so, because I feel like the more instruction the better. That said, I don't want to have to pay for or as limited in my dives.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

    Can't wait!!


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    Get your dive log signed at the tune up and you should be all set. If you don't keep a dive log I would suggest you start as it's a good way to prove when you last went diving. CTI have the best dive staff.

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    My husband and I are doing our pool and class work now to become open water certified. However, we decided that we want to do our checkout dives in Jamaica.

    When I emailed the resort about it, the dive shop replied to both a checkout dive for new divers and a checkout dive for those who have not been active divers in over a year. This is the response they sent:

    "If you are a certified dive and havent dive for a few years then you would do a Scuba Review which sometimes people call a checkout! This is $50.00us dollars, Remember this is for people that are already certified!"

    I'm sure they'll pair you up with someone else. I'm sure there are plenty of couples that don't both want to dive.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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    Hi Beth!

    We're going to CTI in on Saturday, and I ran into the same thing. I dive, but my husband does not. I emailed the resort about this and they said it wouldn't be a problem. They told me most times it's a group that goes. And in the off chance you are the only one that signed up, then you can go with the guide.

    Since I haven't done any diving in about 5 years, they told me I would need to do a resort refresher course that was $50. I didn't ask about taking a tune-up at home, so I don't know about that. But they were really quick to respond to emails!!!

    Have a blast!!


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    I'll be going on the diving excursions in a week or so (YAY!) and the wife doesn't dive. It's also been ages since I strapped on a BCD, so I'm thinking I might see if they'll let me take the "resort course" as a sort of tune-up.

    I suspect they probably get many solo divers (partner doesn't dive / doesn't want to go diving again) and probably either pair them up with other solos, or just have a big group dive.


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    Well, this isn't too out of date, and maybe this info will help someone else out...

    I did go diving while at CTI, although just once. It was borderline as to whether I needed to take the PADI refresher course the resort offers ($50) as I had gone with the wife when I was trying to get her started on SCUBA last summer. I opted to pay the $50. Collin the dive master was great. The refresher is mostly watching a training video, then a brief pool session. I missed the pool session as they were cleaning the deep section of the swim-up bar pool where we would have gone. Collin opted to give me a pass on it, because of the previous summers' work with the wife.

    I was one of a couple solos on the dive, so I was paired up with Collin himself! Quite an interesting excursion, as most everyone was either new, or fairly new, we all stuck together.


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