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    Default how do they not know who I am? when making a reservation?

    We have stayed at Couples many times, we are well into the 'passionate' level. Why when I call aren't they able to bring up my name or rewards number and have everything right there to make the reservation process go quick and smooth. It was slow and laborous to make a reservation on the phone. Time to update the software for reservations!

    Now the down side, I have to start losing the weight I gain in April at CN and have it off by December's vacation!...... O the burden!

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    I agree that this is an area that Couples could easily make improvements. As I stated in another thread, when we arrived on 5/17 at CN, they did not have my resort credits posted. I had to spend time at guest relations to get this corrected. This was our third straight year to CN and all of our booking info and history should be readily available. After a long travel day to get there, you do not want to hassle the employees with that kind of a problem. Also in making a new booking, all of your info should be in the system readily available to make the process quick and accurate.

    Still I am already looking to make our 2014 booking soon.

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    Book on-line and pre register before you go and eveything should be taken care of.

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    I always book online and pre-register. Never had a problem (3-CN, 2 CSA) other than getting there before room is ready. Last trip in April my room was ready and my mini bar all set up for me when I got to room! Already booked for September 2013 and April 2014. Can't wait!

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