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    Looking for information on how to select the drink choices in the room prior to arrival?

    Please help! Any information or pre arrival information we should know- please share!



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    I checked in online through the Romance Rewards Pre-Check-In and expected to see a place to do that (since others had mentioned doing that here) but I saw no way to do that nor any mention of it there. I could have overlooked it. I would also like to know where that is located.

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    We signed up to the Romance Rewards (link at bottom of main page) program yesterday - after registering you can do pre check-in and a list of drinks for in in room fridge appears. Its free so nothing to lose.

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    You'll need to sign up for Romance Rewards if you haven't yet ( Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts )..on the left side of that page it says Pre'll ask you to log into your Romance Rewards account. It will ask for your info and then your minibar request(s).

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    Hi Rachel,

    In the Romance Rewards (bottom of the page), when you do the pre-check in form, you'll be able to select your room fridge items.
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    Sign up for Romance Rewards. Once you have done that you can pre-register and select your alcohol at that time.
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    Register for Romance Rewards, do a search either in the forums or on the main page and you will find a link to register. Once you get that account set up you can log in and do the precheck in. You can also put in your flight info and put any special room request in the comment section. I did it about 2 weeks out, some do it earlier. I'm not sure but I think there is a limit to how far out you can precheck in (45 days maybe?).

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