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    Default CTI First Timer - Room Recommendations?

    After much deliberation, including reading practically every single thread on this message board, my wife and I have decided to book our first Couples trip and are planning to head to Tower Isle in July! Our final question (for now!) is does the room type matter? We're only going for 4 nights, so the cost difference to go from a "Deluxe Garden" to "Superior Ocean" is only $100 total, and only $130 to go all the way up to a "Deluxe Ocean" room.

    Does it really matter? Which are the newer rooms?

    From a priority standpoint, these are the things we care about most:
    1) Quiet at night
    2) Nice view
    3) Convenient location

    Though, we recognize all 3 might be mutually exclusive. Any recommendations?


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    Quiet at night, go to superior as they are the far end of the property. Deluxe or Premier can be hit or miss for being quiet at night, just depends on the location.
    Nice View--Superior does have ocean, bay view with a property next door. Premier or Deluxe, all nice views. Deluxe may have a palm tree in your view and is not necessarily direct view of the island. Premier is direct view of island and can also include beach or main pool, depending on location.
    Convenient: Well CTI is "compact", nothing that isn't convenient, depending on what you are looking for. In the Buildings 3, 4, & 5 there are elevators. In 1 & 2 there are only two or three floors, so no elevator. No worries, Byron, Emroth or Captain Kirk will carry all your bags upstairs. I like building 3 on the 3 floor or above for the view and quiet, hubby likes building 2 as the rooms are huge.

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