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Thread: All booked :)

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    Default All booked :)

    We just booked CN in August for our 30th anniversary.
    We are excited and looking forward to it. We have
    never been to Jamaica, and I know from reading this
    message board we will have a wonderful time.
    Only 16 weeks to go..... WHOO HOOO!!!!!

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    Awesome! Be sure and post in these threads:

    CSS August 2013

    If applicable - the Au Naturel August thread: August 2013

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    Oh you are going to love it. We booked CN the first time for our 25th anniversary and we have been back every year for ten years! Be excited, be VERY excited.

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    You will have a fabulous time - congrats on your 30th!

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    We just book too from Aug 23 to Sept 1 also for our 30th anniversary. Hope to see you there!!! Enjoy

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