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    I last time I was in Jamaica I was 8 years old and we did something called bamboo rafting. I am now 32 and going back to get married. Do they still do bamboo rafting?

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    You bet they do! Down the Martha Brea River. We did it last March from CSS.
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    We did the bamboo raft trip down the Martha Brae River & it was very fun but that was 10 years ago now. I'm pretty sure they still do it there though. I've seen them showing bamboo rafting on some other river in Jamaica on the Travel Channel so I'm sure you can find a place that does it. Have you Googled it??

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    We were in Jamaica in January and went bamboo rafting down the White River near Ocho Rios. As well, there is bamboo rafting on the Martha Brae. It was a really great time.

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    I saw a picture of some people going down a river like Huck Fin. I am assuming that is what you mean. If so I am sure one of the off resort adventures has it.

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    The original river rafting and imho opinion is the rafting on the Rio Grande river in Port Antonio. (on a 30' bamboo raft) Port Antonio is about a 2 1/2 drive from either CSS or CTI and is well worth the trip. The actual rafting is about a 90 minute ride now the river with the most beautiful scenery. It is one of the most relazing things we have ever done. The other rafting down the Martha Brea and the White river don't even compare.
    In addition there is other things to do in Port Antonio. You can visit the beach where Tom Cruise filmed the movie Cocktail
    Going to Port Antonio will bring you to one of the least touristy areas of Jamaica.

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    I agree with Richli2. Rio Grande river is great, along with the Port Antonio area. We are staying at CSS (first AI for us) in February and plan to take a day to do this. I don't know if CSS offers this as an Excursion ($$), but would recommend arranging for a Captain before leaving resort. There are some fairly aggressive Captains that might seem intimidating. On our last trip to Port Antonio, in Feb 2000, we got an older, more experienced Captain, who took his time, sang Harry Belafonte songs, pointed out many interesting facts, and noted to us that the younger Captains were passing us by fairly fast, as they try to get as many passengers possible in a day. Inform your Captain you do not want fast ride before agreeing.

    Warning though, if you have not experienced remote areas of Jamaica, some of this could be eye opening, but these people are genuine and the reason we return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    In addition there is other things to do in Port Antonio. You can visit the beach where Tom Cruise filmed the movie Cocktail
    Going to Port Antonio will bring you to one of the least touristy areas of Jamaica.
    From the first time I watched Cocktail I have had a thing for Jamaica! I would love to see the places they filmed! I heard the waterfall is on private property but you can arrange tours. Anyone heard of this?

    Richli2 do you have any pictures you would be willing to share?

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    Is this the same as the Black River tour? I was wanting to do this from Negril and we were planning on making it a full day — rafting, YS falls and the Pelican bar.

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    The Black River Tour is not the same as the rafting tour on the Rio Grande River. The Black River is a boat tour that you see and feed Croc's Doubt it would be safe to go down a river with Croc's in a Bamboo raft. The Black River is about 7 hours or so from the Rio Grande River in Port Antonio

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    Default Rio Grande Rafting Pictures

    Here are some Rio Grande River rafting pictures
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    How far is this from CSA?

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    Omg! I thought it was a bigger bamboo raft! Wow! That's pretty cool, though.
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    The rafting on the Rio Grande river in Port Antonio is about a 5 hour or so ride each from the Negril area. Much too far for a day trip. From Ocho Rios it is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours

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