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    We will be getting married on a Saturday in May 2014 at Couples Negril. We will be announcing our wedding to friends and family - they are welcome to join us if they choose.

    If the other people stay at CSA, can they sign up for the Romance Rewards Reward program and get a free day pass at CN to attend the wedding ceremony. I've seen references to the trading places only happening on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Since our wedding will be on a Saturday, do the resorts show some flexibility in this regard?

    As long as our friends and family are staying at a Couples resort, I would hope that they could avoid paying the $100 per person day pass fee. As an alternative, we have also suggested that the others could split their stay between the two resorts.

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    I'm pretty sure Couples would stick with the m-w-f schedule for the trading places perk. That might be a question for Randymon though.

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    Firstly, I cant see Trading Places being extended to a Saturday but even if it were to be, please be aware that there are limited places on the Trading Places perk and those who sign up first get to go. So some of your guests could easily miss out.

    I think the only way is for your friends and family to do a split stay as you suggest. Or, everyone stay at CN for the wedding and then you and your new spouse do the split and move to CSA for your honeymoon.
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    It is also limited to 10 couples if that makes a difference.

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    Not sure how many guests but there are limited number of day passes available and I too agree the trading places schedule is rather set - and also based on resort "downtimes" - example our arrive to #5 at CN saw half the resort checking out and back in the same day - Saturday. I would budget the day pass - or have your family stay where you are and the newlyweds leave for another honeymoon resort

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    If they are at the other Resort they can get a taxi to CN or talk to the folks at their Resort and they may be able to lay on a bus. This was done last year on the Ohos Rios side of the Island for a freinds Wedding. I'm sure Couples would rather Wedding guests use their properties than the competition. It is also nice for guests not to be at the same Resort for the Honeymoon. I don't see why they should have to buy the pass if they are staying at a Couples property.

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    My wife and I got married at Sans Souci on a Saturday this past March. My brother and sister in law were staying at Tower Isle. I spoke with the wedding coordinator at SS, and she called TI to let them know. When my brother and SIL checked in, they just let the front desk know when they needed to leave, and CTI brought them over (I can't remember if they took a shuttle or had to take a taxi) and when they went back, we just let the front desk know at SS, and they took a shuttle back over to CTI. They ended up staying on resort at SS from about 10am until 9pm. They did not have to pay any day pass fee's, which was VERY nice to be able to save that money. My parents did the other suggestion, staying at SS for the wedding, and then transferred to CTI for the rest of their trip. I do not know what they can do when you have multiple people looking to come over, however.

    Congratulations, and have a great trip! We loved our first trip, and already have our next one booked for April/May 2014.

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