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    Default If Atlanta is your home base...good news!

    FYI: Atlanta now has a new International terminal. It is beautiful and high tech! Some tips: if you take a shuttle to the airport, you will probably be left off on the domestic side. Don't go in! Look for the 'Atl Airport shuttle' or if flying Delta..they have their own that will take you around the other side of the airport to International. You will be left off right in front of the ticketing area and then onto security. When we went on 5/3 there was no one in line. No lines, no tram rides (now concourse F) no waiting on anything. We didn't know all this and went through domestic and it took us 45 minutes.
    Now here's the good news. Coming home, the new immigration area is so large and again, no lines. Remember how you got your luggage, switched out items from carry on to check in, gave back your luggage and then back through customs and security? Well, now if Atlanta is your home port, after immigration, you get your luggage and walk through customs, turn right and you are outside. Which means, you can now take your duty free liquor in your carry on. More Rum Cream!
    MoBay has opened a very large liquor store right before you get to Air Margaritaville. You have to actually walk right through it. Their prices are great!
    Just a heads up for your next trip!

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    Beautiful! We're flying out of Atlanta on 7/20.

    I think we're going to get a private car thru UBER to get us to the airport as a special treat this year. So we just need to make sure we have them drop us at the international terminal and we're all set to go?


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    I would, it will save you alot of time. The ticketing and bag check in is here. You will feel like you are in the Jetson's living room! The airport is so large now that the International side is in the next county. Ask your driver about the return trip - where he will pick you up at. As I stated above, when you leave customs, turn right to get outside -connecting flights go left and back through security. There is some ground transportation here. If he is picking you up on the domestic side, there are shuttles that will take you back over and drop you off where the hotel shuttles/ground transportation is. Safe travels!

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    Thanks for posting. We have a layover from Jamaica in Atlanta. We have one hour and 45min to get to our next flight to Detroit. Our travel agent assured us we would have enough time to get through immigration customs and on our flight home. I really want to try and do carry on to and from so we will see.

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    I actually like connecting through ATL. I know a lot of people don't. But I've never had any real issues. The International Terminal is really nice. And as a smoker, they have a VERY nice smoking lounge. The Tram is easy to take and very quick from terminal to terminal. On our way to JA, we made it from our Domestic Gate (the one closest to the main terminal) to the International Terminal in 10 minutes. On the way back, we were late coming in and I thought there was no way we would make our connection. We had 2 hours originally but only 90 minutes after the delay. But we made it to our gate in about 15 minutes after landing/immigration/customs/re-check bags/security and taking the Tram to our domestic gate I was impressed. They really know how to get people through fast.
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    Ism 1212-

    I feel so much better after your post. Good to know about the smoking lounge. We fly Delta all the way so I am hoping Delta domestic is near the International Terminal. Will have to try and find a map of Atlanta Terminal and check that out.

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    Our domestic arriving in ATL to go to JA landed in Terminal B. So a few Terminals away from the International Terminal (F). But again, we were off the plane and at the International Terminal in about 10 minutes. Plenty of time to use the restroom and grab a smoke. And still wander around a bit before they started boarding. On the way back, I fired up my phone while we were taxi'ing' into ATL and the app said that we weren't going to make our flight and to re-book it to the later flight since we were delayed leaving JA. Hubby and I looked at each other and decided to try and make it. So we hustled but it wasn't necessary. Again, we got off the plane and were at our domestic connection gate (Terminal B) in about 15-20 minutes. So plenty of time to spare to have a smoke in the smoke room near the gate (though the domestic ones really aren't as nice), use the restroom and just hang out until we boarded.

    Our travel dates were both on a Sat this past March. We fly from Louisville, KY to ATL to JA. We left Louisville around 8:30am, landed in ATL around 10am. Left ATL around 11am to JA. Coming home, we left JA around 12:30pm, we were supposed to arrive in ATL around 4:30pm but it was a little after 5pm instead. Connection was at 6:30pm. Thought I would add this as I figured this was peak times and we would have some issues coming home. NOPE. We are flying similar flights in November when we go to CN. This past March trip was to CSS.

    Here is the ATL Terminal Map:
    Terminal Layout | ATL
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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