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    Default Best Places for Evening Dining at CTI AND your favorite meal there!

    I'm working on dinner reservations for our evenings spent at CTI. Please, I'd love to hear your favorite places to eat & the menu item you most enjoyed from there!

    We haven't been to CTI since it was Couple Ocho Rios ten years ago. I loved Bayside for their seafood. I'm excited to try the Asian flair, but what else MUST I experience while there? 7 Nights available.


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    8 River is amazing! We were there for 10 days over Christmas and ate at 8 Rivers 2 nights. Everything was amazing. Try to hit them for lobster night. Bayside is quite yummy as well.

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    I'm doing the same thing and I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say.

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    We were there the first week of April. We ate at 8 Rivers 3 times, beef tenderloin was amazing. On Friday I was able to get the tenderloin with lobster tail! Ask for Mr Phillips he is a great server

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    Loved Bayside and Eight Rivers but the Veranda was yummy as well... it's tough to pick just one! I loved my Pad Thai at Bayside - better than any version I've tried in the states, but I'm a huge fan of Asian food. I had surf & turf at Eight Rivers and enjoyed it, but surprisingly, my favorite thing from Eight Rivers was the shrimp bisque soup. So good!

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the food choices they offer at dinner because they're all so good!

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    Both of us agreed that 8 Rivers was our favorite. Everything was delicious but my rack of lamb was amazing! Bayside and Veranda we good too but our favorite meal was 8 Rivers.

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    Bayside is far and away our favorite. I think we ate there 7 out of 13 dinners on our last trip. We were able to not eat the same thing twice, but with the soups and the fantastic sampler, there are things we HAD to eat twice, thrice, or more.

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    You will not be disappointed with the food at any of the restaurants. 8 Rivers was phenomenal, but the one issue we had back in 2010 was that the service there was slower than the other places. We just felt like our evening was consumed by a 2-hour dinner from 7:00 - 9:00, leaving us stuffed and tired after that. Maybe it has become a little more streamlined since then.

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    The husband loves the lamb at (8 rivers or Verandah). I order anything with seafood and it is always good.

    My favorite restaurant is Bayside. The seafood with yellow curry sauce is amazing. I ordered it both times we ate there this last trip. My husband had the beef with bbq sauce and the ribs, they were both tasty. If you like mojitos, order them while you are here. None of the other bars have mint. If you get the cookie dessert plate, order coffee with it for dipping.

    You can never go wrong with any of the soups.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    All is good at CTI. Go to all the places to eat. Twice if you want.

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    Bayside is amazing. I don't remember which it was but one of the curries was my favorite. The chef came out to talk to us and we asked her for her recommendations. She suggested this curry, but only if I like it spicy. Um, yeah! It was amazing. I think it was the red curry? Oh gee... Where has my memory gone? I drink.

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    Eight Rivers and the Beef Tenderloin. Absolutely delicious! Bayside is wonderful for the view, and the soup there is to die for. You can't go wrong with either of these 2 restaurants.

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    With 7 nights and not being back in so long, you must try them all.
    Eight Rivers is where we Always celebrate our Anniversary and last night. The food, ambiance and service are to die for.
    Bayside, so romantic, great chef doing great Asian food.
    Verandah is always nice that you do not need reservations. Great choices each night.
    And make sure you visit the new Veggie bar daily. It's our first stop when coming in from the Island each day.
    Also the pool bar for what else jerk chicken or jerk burgers. Anything jerk, just sooo good.
    Last but not least, the new front lawn gala sounds spectacular. It is new this year. CTI always coming up with new things to freshen it up!
    We are back home 6/28 for our 18th trip to Couples.

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    Nice reviews, all! Thx for the thread, MRM. We will be experiencing CTI for our first trip in 10 days and are so excited! I had assumed from other postings that you make dinner reservations and excursion bookings at check in. Do you usually book in advance?

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    If I am forced to make a choice.....I guess I would go with 8 rivers. the tenderloin is to die for. Wherever you dine do yourself a favor and enjoy the soups! the pumpkin cappicino soup, and the coconut & lemongrass soup were da bomb!

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