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    Default Massage Therapist at Couples Negril

    Suggestions please on the best massage therapist at Couples Negril. I like a Swedish style massage and my wife likes really deep tissue. Thanks in advance.

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    I've been using Diane for years. Definitely recommend her.

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    Duke is excellent if he is still there.

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    I have a question. I have been recently diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. I understand that there are specific massages that can help loosen joints for those of us with PsA. Any therapists at CN trained in this technique? We are heading back in October for visit #6and would be interested in this if available.

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    Not sure about Duke, but on our last visit my wife was told there was one male therapist on staff but he was not there all week. Anyone know if there are any male therapists currently?

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    Olivine!!! Yes, definitely Olivine.

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    Diane for sure! I like deep tissue the best but the last few minutes she just about put me to sleep with the more relaxed pressure. She can do either style very well. Enjoy, can't wait until I can have my message in July!

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    My wife and I have both had Dianne and is our favorite. But since we like to have a couples massage in the beach hut, we are trying to decide on another therapist as well. Columbo, Duke is no longer there.

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    When my wife and I scheduled a massage this past April they asked if we had a preference for male or female masseuse. I didn't want to seem uptight, so I said I had no preference. When we got there for our appointment and were greeted by a man, I thought "oh no...I'm not quite that progressive!" Lucky for me there was a woman who met us for the massage. (I know, it's a massage, not a date...but still, I guess I should speak up next time ).

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    MacDaddy1 he was there the last two July visits and my wife had him for her massages and I had Diane, both were very good, we are going to CSS this July for the first time and have heard the Massages on the cliffs are great. I think Duke was the only Male doing massages on our last two trips to CN, many employees move on guess he came across a better opportunity.

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    Thanks for the tip. Is Olivine a girl or guy? Deep tissue or better for regular Swedish? Thanks again, 12 More Days......WhooHooo!!

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    Just got back from CN there was last week...

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