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    Anyone know if he is in need of any specific supplies?

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    ya mon, i can give ray bell a call and see if he is in short supply of any thing, when are you guys going down?

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    We will be there this Friday!!

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    ya mon, ray can always use his paint, applebarrel, dark colors, black, dark blue and green, he is at csa only fridays and tuesdays, so depending on your arrival time? depending on the rain, he stays around 2 or 3 , have a great time and tell him, wayne and jan say hi, bless

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    missed not getting to see Ray this April. No trip for us. Ray is a great artist. So happy many support him.
    it's all about the kids

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    ya mon sue and randy, talking to ray, he is still surving, it is hard for him since he was cut back to 2 days a week, so he really hopes for the orders people give him on tuedays and fridays, he will take these and paint at home, he then arranges to come back to the lobby to drop off his shirts or his paintings, he really enjoys doing his sceneray paintings, they are easy to put in your luggage to take home, hopefully next year you can meet up with ray, have a bless weekend

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    Wayne, we have several paintings and they are special. Ray painted a shirt I bought years ago with a hummingbird on it and the saying "out of many people" on it. Elvis really likes that shirt.
    it's all about the kids

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    Who is this Ray guy? What does he paint? Any pictures of his work? I like supporting local vendors vs. the chain stores in towns.

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    He painted me an apron with a Bird of Paradise flower. It is stunning and everyone seeing it are blown away.

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    ray bell is a local artist that paints pictures on t shirts and also paints small paintings, he has been at swept away basically from its opening, he works on the beach by water sports and can be seen every tuesday or friday, he is very talented and can personalize any thing you can bring along, i will see if i can get some pictures of his work, he always appreciates your business

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    This is Ray. He sets up near Seagrapes near the sidewalk. He creates original shirts and paintings . A true original gift from Jamaica. Way better than anything sold in shops.
    it's all about the kids

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    I posted some pics of his work in this thread. He is an amazing artist. I love his work. We get some every year when we go...

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    Oh wow how colorful. We will definitely look for him. Thanks for the pictures and explaining this legend of an Artist

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    Oh one more question, does he have a supply of t-shirts that you select for him to paint or do you bring your own t-shirt?

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    ya mon , sue and randy, great picture of our jamaican son, one picture says it all, have a bless weekend, waynef

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    Ya mon, ray bell can supply the shirts or you can bring a shirt from home that you might want painted on or somethhing personalized.

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