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    Default First morning at CN

    Arrived yesterday morning for our first visit to Jamaica and CN. The airport was nearly deserted when we arrived at 1030, so I can't say whether Club Mobay was helpful or not. I think we would have breezed through just as quickly regardless. Our greeter was very pleasant however. Took the air shuttle for the 14 minute ride to Negril - beautiful flight and very competent pilots, even though the plane itself was a little scary (duct tape around the rear window). And when we arrived there was already another couple from the same flight we came in on and they took the bus shuttle. So again no time saved. But as others have said before it could easily have saved us hours, so it can be a crap shoot I guess. The Couples picture of the Beachfront Suite with the hammock at sunset is literally a mirror image of our room. Just excellent! More later.

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    Sounds like you're off to a great start...enjoy!

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