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    4 days to go and I am shot. Can't get anything done at work. Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday. Be on the beach Monday afternoon FINALLY!!!!

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    Well thank you so much for the scare !!! I thought you GOT shot!!! Glad to hear it is just another way of saying you can't wait for your trip!!!

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    Default shot!!

    Wayne, You and yours have a great vacation. I know where you're coming from, as they say, "been there done that."

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    Thanks. Guess I'll see you Oct.12th.

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    Hopefully much more relaxed. Have a great time and please say hello to Ultimate for me. You will find him playing the piano in the piano bar located adjacent to the Aura Lounge. Tell him I'll see him in November. I know you will really enjoy CSA.

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    WISH I could be there with you - an do I need a draft Red Stripe
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    i totally understand. we are 12 days away and we are there. perhaps our night before returning "home" on Beale Street will help.


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    Ahh, you are there right now and all I have is this message board to keep me company. Not that you are not great message board...

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