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    Default Quick CN beach question

    Does the beach at CN have chairs and umbrellas, and if so are they plentiful ?

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    There are plenty of chairs and floaties at CN. There is never a problem finding chairs, but you may have to move them to the spot you want. There are no umbrellas because they would ruin the look of the beach, however, there are plenty of trees for shade.
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    no umbrellas but ALOT of trees to sit under! There are plenty of loungers and tables and you can always find a private area. We would sun in the early morning but after lunch, we would find a shady place under the mangroves and have cocktails and read. Your red flag will come in handy. FYI - by the scuba hut is a very quiet area and there are restrooms at this end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    Does the beach at CN have chairs and umbrellas, and if so are they plentiful ?
    Just returned from my first trip to CN yesterday. Chairs are very plentiful - you won't have trouble finding them. No umbrellas, but there are a lot of trees so shade is easy to find.

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    There are plenty of chairs with floaties and lots of natural shade on the beach. We have never had a problem finding a chair no matter what time of day we head to the beach. Could be more of an issue if you are heading for the pool. Chairs are more limited around the pool.
    You will love CN.

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    Hello, The beach does have chairs, but no umbrellas. There are alot of trees on the beach though, so plenty of shade.

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    Chairs yes. Umbrellas no. Chairs are plentiful.
    Have fun!

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    Can't remember at the main beach but at the AN beach had plenty of chairs and no umbrellas. There were
    a couple of nice trees though with large canopies for shade. Especially if it is not too busy, a lot of people move
    in and out to keep from getting too much sun. Great bar there too with very friendly staff, namely Mesha.

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    they have chairs on the beach, the umbrellas are up by the pool. there is always plenty of both.

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    Plenty of chairs, no umbrellas when we were there (2x, 2010 and 2011), but plenty of shade from the trees.

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    There are plenty of chairs and rafts. No umbrellas but plenty of shade trees!

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